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Sounds like it is your clutch slave cylinder. Depending on the type used, you probably will have to pull the tranny unless you have an inspection plate on your bell housing. Many of these are connected to the throwout bearing(which will need replacing also). If there is an inspection plate, pull it to make sure the hose connections are tight and no holes in the hose 1st. Good luck. I had the same thing happen with a 1989 Jeep Wrangler, everything had to be pulled. The Ford Ranger 4X4 in the early 90's have the same setup. This one was one really bone head idea they came up with.

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Q: The fluid is leaking from your clutch on a 2002 F150 XL how do you fix it?
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Where on a 1998 F150 is the clutch fluid?

The fluid reservoir is bolted onto the firewall. It is just to the left, looking from the front of the vehicle.

Why would the clutch reservoir lose fluid in a 2000 F150?

there's a quick disconnect on the transmission it might be bad or you might be running out of clutch.

How do you adjust clutch 1988 ford f150?

how do you adjst clutch on 87ford f150

What is wrong when you have to pump your clutch several times to get the cluth to work in a 2002 f150?

The fluid may of been low and now there is air in the lines. You need to bleed the clutch system..or air got in another way...if the clutch plate is worn the cylinder(actuater) may have over extended causing air to get in.

1989 f150 4x4 5 speed manunal transmission it want go into gear?

Put DOT3 brake fluid in the clutch pump located behind the brake fluid resevoir. Then pump the clutch and that should fix the problem

Why is the odor of antifreeze coming through the ac and heating system in a 2002 ford F150?

You probably have a leaking heater core.

How much for a new clutch on a F150?

About 900

Image on the firing order for a f150 2002?

Image on the Firing order on a f150 2002?

Why does fluid leak from front axle on F150 4x4 after seals have been replaced?

Is it actually leaking from the axle seal or once it got warmed up did it shoot some fluid from the front differential vent hose ?

Where is the clutch fluid reservoir on a 2003 6 cylinder F150?

Found it myself on the firewall. Little, bitty thing, mine was hidden by a car alarm siren.

Is the clutch in an 1987 ford F150 hydraulic or not?


Where do you add transmission fluid on a 2002 Ford F150 with a manual transmission?

Should be a plug on the side of transmission - fill to this level

What type of transmission fluid does a 2002 ford F150 take?

Mercon V ATF as per the owners manual and Ford

Where do you fill the automatic transmission fluid on 2002 Ford F150?

look for a filler tube coming from the transmission on the passenger side

Where is neutral switch on 2003 ford F150?

how do i find the neutral, or clutch switch on a 2003 ford F150?

How do you bleed the clutch on an 86 f150?

Not positive on yours but usually it's like this. Make sure the clutch master cylinder reservoir is full. Then have someone push and hold the clutch pedal to the floor. Open the bleeder valve on the clutch slave cylinder, letting the fluid squirt out, close the bleeder valve. Repeat process. You do this until the clutch fluid comes out clear with no bubbles. Usually 2 or 3 pumps will do it. Then make sure the bleeder valve is closed tight, top off the clutch master cylinder fluid resovoir and you're done. Hope this helps.

Is it normal for power steering fluid to bubble in the reservoir of a 2004 f150?

No it is not normal. It means that air is being introduced into the steering line somewhere. The fluid bubbles because air will go to the highest point in the system. Check to see if you have any leaking fluid anywhere.

How do you replace the clutch on a 1990 F150?

i learned by watching the video

Why doesn't my 2001 ford F150 not go into gear?

If it is a stick, it could most likely be the clutch master cylinder or the slave cyliner. Check around the master for any leaks. Also, check the transmission itself and the clutch pedal in the cab. If there is fluid on them, that is probably your problem. Another thing could be the clutch pressure plate. If it is an automatic, check the transmission fluid and consider a transmission service.

What automatic transmission fluid type for 2002 F150 with small block Triton V8 motor?

Motorcraft MERCON ATF ( automatic transmission fluid ) for the 5 speed manual transmission - according to the 2002 F-150 owners manual

What type of power steering fluid does a 2010 ford F150 pickup use?

A 2010 Ford F150 pick-up uses automatic transmission fluid.

On a 1984 ford f150 4 speed manual transmission why when driving and shifting through gears half of the time it grinds into gear what could be the problem?

Clutch not fully releasing, low of fluid, or synchronizers bad. You may need to adjust the clutch pedal free play.

Where is cylinder 8 in a 2002 F150 4.6?

The Ford F150 was produced from the years 1948 to present in the United States. The cylinder 8 in a 2002 F150 4.6 is located against the driver side firewall.

What would cause fluid to leak on the rear passenger tire of a 2002 Ford F150?

I have to believe that it would be a bad wheel cylinder that controls the back brakes.

What type of transmission fluid does a 1993 Ford F150 use?

Mercon transmission fluid