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May have replaced the wrong sensor or you have a bad wire in that curcuit.

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Q: The speedometer has stopped working the speed sensor and speedometer cluster has been replaced in the dash - What is the problem 1996 Ford Explorer?
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Where is the fuse for the speedometer on a 1998 silhouette?

There is no fuse just for the speedometer. If the speedometer is not working, you may have a problem in the dash gauges cluster, or a vehicle speed sensor problem.

1997 F150 speedometer quit replaced sensor still not working maybe electrical?

We had the same problem, and our 1998 F150 needed a new instrument cluster.

Why would the odometer stop working in a 96 Ford Explorer?

The odometer on a 96 Ford Explorer is tied into the speedometer. If the speedometer is working then there is a gear problem inside of the speedometer causing the odometer to not work.

How do you repair your digital speedometer on your 95 caprice?

check the wiring to the speedometer. Check the sending unit as well. If the problem is internal then the speedometer will have to be replaced.

Speedometer problem on a 97 Chevy s10 blazer Randomly it will go on and off could it be the sensor or do I need to change the cluster?

If both the speedometer and the odometer work on and off, I would blame the vehicle speed sensor. If only the speedometer is acting up, I would blame the cluster.

On your 2002 vue your speedometer is not working what could be the problem?

If the speedometer and the odometer are not working, I would suspect the VSS (vehicle speed sensor). If only the speedometer is not working I would suspect the instrument cluster has problems.

Why does Speedometer stick?

The small stepper motor in the cluster probably is about to fail. It can be ordered and replaced if you have the patience and skill by removing the cluster from the dash. Or you can replace the cluster as a unit. may be able to help you solve the problem. Join our enthusiasts forum at The place where you can get all the answers to your questions about these trucks.

How do you fix a speedometer on a 2000 Mercury Villager?

You would fix it by replacing the instrument cluster. The speedometer itself may not be faulty, it is more likely to be a problem with the speed sensor.

What would be the problem for a speedometer jumping around on a acura lengend 94?

My 94 had the same problem. Had to replace cluster. Got one off ebay for $40.

What causes a speedometer to lose acceleration response but still eventually get to the correct speed?

A speedometer that loses response time but gets up to the speed of the vehicle probably has a problem with a gear slipping inside the speedometer mechanism. This sometimes happens in older vehicles. The speedometer cable may have to be replaced to fix this problem.

Why are dash lights dim around fuel gauge but bright around speedometer on your 2003 Ford Taurus?

you need to replace dash illumination bulbs only problem the speedometer cluster has to be removed

Speedometer do not work on geo traker 1995?

HI, It could be a few things, the cable might have broken, the cable might have become disconnected at the speedometer, the cable might have become disconnected at the transmission, the speedometer might have become faulty or the back of the speedometer where the cable connects th it might have broken, if that happens then you need a new speedometer, it's cheaper and easirer to gat a replacement instrument cluster than look for just a speedometer. . The first is to check the cable at both ends and if that is ok then you just might need to look for an instrument cluster. It was my problem also and I had both things wrong, the cable was bad and my speedo was bad. I replaced the cable first then the instrument cluster. I bought the cable from a Chevy dealer and the instrument cluster on EBay and had no problems with it at all. Sometimes you can get a part from a Chevy dealer and if they don't have the part you can check with a Suzuki dealer, and then ther's EBay. I hope this helps you, good luck. Steve H.

The whole front dash on your '93 Bonneville sse doesn't work except for the speedometer why?

Answeri HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM WITH MY '92 BONNEVILLE. IT IS AN INTERNAL SHORT IN THE INSTRUMENT CLUSTER WHICH MEANS THE CLUSTER MUST BE REPLACED-VERY EXPENSIVE. SINCE THE SPEEDOMETER AND TAC BOTH WORK ALL THE TIME (IN MY CASE), I HAVEN'T REPLACED AND AM NOT PLANNING ON IT. I FIND THAT DISCONNECTING THE FUSE AND RECONNECTING IT CAUSES THE CLUSTER TO WORK FOR SEVERAL DAYS, BUT IT SHORTS OUT EVENTUALLY.You can have the dash cluster redone. I had the same problem with the dash on my 93 SSEI. The dash clusters on the SSE's and SSEI's have extra bells and whistles. I sent it to a place in NJ and they redid it for a surprisingly reasonable cost and it works great now. Part of the problem had to do with burnt out bulbs and a bad circuit on the back. It can be a little complicated to removed the dash cluster. If you need the info for the dash cluster rebuild place, I can get it for you.

What does it mean when your 2000 Dodge stratus speedometer stays at zero and there is very little power even though the tachometer registers 5?

When I worked for Chrysler the Neons were doing the same thing and the cluster needed to be replaced (Bad soldering job from factory). Call Chrysler to see if they have a recall for this problem. If they do it will be replaced for free.

How can the DCL be replaced?

DCl stands for data communication tells you that there is no communication to the instrument cluster from the computer.The main problem is that there is a fault in the instrument cluster causing the DCL light to stay on and sometimes the oil pressure gauge could go bad can have it repaired at a few speedometer shops just look them up online.

How do you repair speedometer Chevy s10 1996?

If both the speedometer and the odometer do not work I would suspect the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) located on the tail shaft of the transmission is at fault. If only the speedometer doesn't work it's probably a problem with the dash cluster.

Instrument cluster for a 1998 Dodge Neon no power on speedometer odometer oil fuel.?

buy a new instrument cluster or check the wires in back my car had that problem and it was a loose connection to the back of the panel

95 Honda accord and have replaced the speed control sensor but the speedometer is not working?

Since you replaced the sensor, and the speedometer still isn't working it is possible that you will need to replace the speedometer cable. Check the cable first to be sure that it is still properly connected, and if so replace the cable to see if that solves the problem.

1999 ford explorer radio stays on when ignition is off?

I have the same year Explorer and my radio had the same problem... The problem was in the radio and it just needed to be replaced with a new one.

I have a Chevy Monte Carlo LS 2004 and my Tachmoter is broken and now my speedometer is acting eratic. Could this be a fuse problem or a sensor problem?

Had the same problem on my 2004. Paid 180.00 for my cluster to be remaned. Now I hear Chevy has a silent recall and will pay for a portion of it. Bottom line is. It's the cluster

2003 Chevy silverado rpm speedometer and fuel gauge stopped working rpm gauge say's 1000 rpm whenever driving.?

could be a bad instrument cluster panel, they had a recall on the instrument cluster panel. I had my speedometer stop working and was given a price to fix it and blew it off. Then the recall came and I got a new instrument cluster and that fixed the problem which they knew they had.

1996 ford ranger Odometer and Trip gauge don't work but Speedometer works. How can I fix this Thanks?

Speedometer is ran by electronic sensor on rear end. Odometer is ran from speedometer. If both don't work problem is sensor. If speedometer works sensor is okay. If speedometer works and odometer does not problem is in mechanical parts (gears) of of odometer and has to be replaced. Can get used from eBay (search for speedometer or odometer, is one unit) or take to dealer.

Odometer isn't working on 2001 dodge caravan?

I would say you have a problem with the dash cluster. If both speedometer and odometer were not working I would say the problem may be the speed sensor but being only the odometer is out I would blame the cluster. I believe you will have to replace the cluster as a whole with a reconditioned unit. This will probably be a dealer item only.

2003 Tahoe speed meter is broken?

Have your mechanic check the speedometer cable connections. They no longer use a cable. It is electronic. If the speedometer is not working but the odometer is, the problem is in the dash cluster. If both the speedometer and odometer are not working, the speed sensor in the transmission may be at fault.

Ford f250 7.3 diesel speedometer odomiter cruise control does not work replaced sensor on rear end?

Helo my name is erik, My truck is a 1992 f250 I have the same problem. I put in a new sensor and pigtail in rear and it still is not working. I have checked and removed and replaced fuses and still no go. I am going to check the wiring for continuity, and voltage. I pulled the speedo cluster out and checked it and the speedo worked for a while and quit again. I have a friend at fords and he thinks it is the wiring from the rear axle sensor to speedo or the speedometer itself. I am looking for a speedometer cluster to borrow to try that. Should be a diesel cluster. let me know if you get yours working and what you did. Thanks. Mail me at

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