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Some Fords have two drain plugs due to the shape of the pan because of the steering linkage. If your's is one of these, simply drain each as you would normally do.If you did not have both, the small amount of dirty oil would be trapped. Remember this if you ever go to a JIffy lube, they often miss the second one! Good luck. The older style Crown Victorias utilized a dual sump oil pan, for some strange reason. Apparently it was for more oil capacity, with one before the K member and one aft. Strangely, on mine they are two different sized drain plugs. That's Ford for ya, just trying to complicate things. I still love em though.

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Where is the drain plug for 1996 Crown Victoria?

Would that be the drain for the oil? If so, its on the bottom of the oil pan.

Where is the transmission drain plug on an 1993 crown Victoria?

the transmission drain plug is located on the transmission underneath the dash area

Where is the drain plug on a 2003 crown Victoria transmission?

Does not have one. Pan must be removed.

How much oil does a 89 crown Victoria hold?

Drain oil and replace filter. Add 5 quarts and check the level.

How do you replace a heater core in a 1991 Crown Victoria?

Drain the coolant, remove the glove box and base to the dash. youll find the heater core on the passanger side.

I want to drain the antifreeze for a 92 Ford Crown Victoria but I can't find the plug on the radiator. Can you tell me where it's located and what it looks like?

If you can't find a drain plug, then just drain from the lower hose. Its long, and goes to the other side of the engine. This will work.

How do you drain engine coolant from the block from a 1999 crown Victoria?

there is a big plastic screw on the bottom right side of the radiator easily accesable from the bottom just unscrew that and it will begin to drain but i wouldn't recommend you removed it completely just enough to let the fluid drain freely

Where is the valve on 1992 Crown Vic 4.6l engine to drain used antifreeze?

I do not have one on my 4.6 L crown. I just drain from the lower rad hose.

Torque spec for drain plug and filter on 1995 crown Victoria?

I don't have the actual spec's, but for the drain bolt, just very snug will do, and the filter is hand tight one turn. Don't forget to put some oil on the rubber seal first.

How do you change a striped oil nut from underneath a 1989 crown Victoria?

Please be more specific. If u r talking about the oil drain plug, well then, you will have to remove the oil pan to have that fixed.

Why is your secondary drain line dripping?

Because the primary drain is either clogged or the pump is not working.

How do you install a water pumpon a 1990 ford crown Victoria?

Remove the fan shroud, the clutch fan, drain the rad. from the lower hose, the water pump is right there. Enough room so you don't have to remove the rad.

How do you find the torque converter drain plug in a 1993 ford crown Victoria?

Sorry, as far as I know there is no drain plug for the converter. According to the service manual, the drain plug is located on the converter assembly. Just looked at my spare transmission from the 93 Grand Marquis and I can see the plug on the converter assembly. Turning the assembly will rotate the drain plug to the converter housing access plug which is visible from under the vehicle. Hope this helps.

How do you replace a water pump on a 1990 Ford Crown Victoria?

Water pump is at the front of the engine. Remove the fan, electric and clutch if equipped and shroud. You should have enough room this way without removing the rad. Drain the rad. and get started.

What tools i need to drop tranny in a 2003 ford crown Victoria?

Standard set of mechanics tools SAE and Metric, floor jack, jack stands, low profile trans jack, large drain pan and a repair manual for that vehicle.

How do you drain a herpes outbreak?

A herpes outbreak will drain on its own. There is no benefit, and possible harm, from draining the blisters artificially, as it could result in secondary infection.

Where is air conditioner drain plug 1993 crown victory?

Behind left front wheel

Can mosquitoes come up drain pipes?

Yes, if the crown weir is not covered by the trap seal.

Were is the drain plug for rear differential geer on a 1995 gmc gimmy?

not all diffs have drain plugs, most you have to just take off the rear diff cover to drain the oil for the crown and pinion gear.

What is an over flow drain?

They are secondary drains that work in tandem with the primary pipes to prevent overflows.

Where does the water from Victoria Falls drain into?

The Falls are part of the Zambezi River which drains into the Indian Ocean

Where is the heater core on a 1998 Crown Victoria?

Where is the heater core on a 1998 crownunder the middle of the dash, close to the fire wall, inside a odd shape box that's part of the heating & cooling system. It looks like a little radiator with two heating lines, it just pop's out and right back in. The hard part about this is going to be taking apart the dashboard. Also you have to drain the coolent.

I have what appears to be water dripping from a drain hose that is underneath the 2007 Honda CR-V. The hose appears to go into the passanger compartment at the bottom of the fire wall. What is this?

It sounds as if you are describing the air conditioniong system condensation drain hose. This is completely normal.

Why would a new battery drain when nothing appears to be left on and the alternator checks out ok?

For a battery to "Drain" you MUST have a short somewhere or the "Glovebox" or "Trunk" light is staying on etc. etc. Battery's don't just "Drain" on there own ;-) TommyTrouble

How much antifreeze should you put in a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria?

Drain & flush the system completely. Now add a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water until it is full. One gallon of antifreeze mixed with one gallon of distilled water should be more than enough.