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There appears to be two drain plugs on the oil pan of your 1990 Crown Victoria Ltd; both on the same pan it appears but one only held a tiny bit; what is the secondary one?


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July 07, 2009 6:08PM

Some Fords have two drain plugs due to the shape of the pan because of the steering linkage. If your's is one of these, simply drain each as you would normally do.If you did not have both, the small amount of dirty oil would be trapped. Remember this if you ever go to a JIffy lube, they often miss the second one! Good luck. The older style Crown Victorias utilized a dual sump oil pan, for some strange reason. Apparently it was for more oil capacity, with one before the K member and one aft. Strangely, on mine they are two different sized drain plugs. That's Ford for ya, just trying to complicate things. I still love em though.