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Turn to start but nothing happens in 1986 Volvo 240 automatic?


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This sounds like the starter is not getting +12vdc start voltage from Key switch.

A connection wire travels from key switch-----yellow /blue----- to the Park/ Neutral switch-- yellow/blue--- to starter.

My experience is: AUTOMATIC Shifter lever looses tracking pin.

(The starter is disabled when not in in park or neutral)

I once bumped my shifter with my foot when moving over the seats and the car would not start again.

Remove two screws from front of plastic shifter cover and slide it up and to the rear. If the switch is not moving and tracking the level movement you found your problem.

Two screws on the right side of the switch hold it in place. MARK THE SCREW POSITIONS before you loosen them. With Screws loose you can move the pin back into slot on lever.