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Check your o2 sensor on the exhaust manifold. If that's not it, try the heat control sensor on the intake manifold. You might also want to test out a new ECM and the timing.

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Homemade Individual throttle bodies?

There are lots of homemade individual throttle bodies that come in different designs and styles. Most of the homemade individual throttle bodies are also modified.

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Can you use the single barrel carb from your Chevrolet 235 straight 6 on a Chevrolet 250 straight 6?

no the throttle bodies are diffrent i have the same problem

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Kia Sportage throttle body?

all kia sportage are fuel injected .no throttle bodies.some kia rio's LOOK like throttle bodies but really are f.i.

Do you need to remove the throttle body to clean it?

A throttle body can be cleaned without removal. Several spray cleaners for throttle bodies are available at your local auto parts.

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They don't. Injectors go bad, TPS can be a problem if you do stupid things. The actual throttle body is a pretty simple device. If you like to unplug sensors without taking 30 seconds to disconnect the battery, you are going to have a lot of problems.

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Will an AEM short ram intake for a 1993 240sx fit a 1990 240sx?

It will fit if you cut it but as-is it will not attach to the throttle body. The 1989-1990 240's have the KA24e (single cam) and the 1991-1994 240's have the KA24de (dual cam) the throttle bodies are in different positions.

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Does a 2006 Yamaha r6 have an idle adjusting screw?

yes i does.if your raising your rpm be sure to make sure that your throttle bodies are in sync.

Is it a throttle body on a 1987 ford ranger 2.9L V6?

YES - in fact 1986 and 1987 throttle bodies were larger than 1988 on ( some people use them as part of a performance upgrade package on 1988 and newer 2.9 L's )

Can you make your 1998 CBR Honda 900RR Fireblade fuel injected?

This can be done but it requires mechanical skill and considerable costs. It is possible to get aftermarket stuff but basically you need the complete wiring harness, the instruments, an ECU, throttle bodies and sensors. You will need a PC3 to tune your bike. It may be best to replace the intake manifolds also. The bottom half of the airbox fastens onto the throttle bodies, this has to be modified as you need to attach this to the bottom of the orignal airbox. The most difficult part of this job is mounting the different sensors as your bike does not have the fasteners for them. Some mixing of different parts, old and new, is required.