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Not quite the same as the front pads as has been suggested.

Chock wheels, put into gear and take off handbrake.

Loosen wheelnuts on first wheel, jack up the car and secure with axle stands and make sure car is not going anywhere.

You have to remove the handbrake from the caliper. This involves removing the spring-clip from the handbrake mounting bolt and then (if necessary, unbolt the mounting bracket) and remove the cable from the mount and then free the cable from the linkage on the caliper.

Undo the lower guide bolt and swing up the caliper - it will hold itself up by its own weight, (Note that if you do remove both guide bolts for some reason as with the front brake, NEVER let it dangle on the hose as this could cause damage which may lead to hose/joint failure later with obvious results!)

Depending on the type fitted, the piston may simply be pushed back for most of the way as with a front piston (or) and must then be wound back with a wind back tool or pair of long nose pliers to reset the parking brake. (There are a couple of notches in the piston which you use as leverage to rotate the piston carefully until it is fully home, taking care not to damage seals.

Slide out the pads as normal, check discs and apply copper grease to the usual places (where backs of pads touch shims and calipers) taking great care not to get any grease on the friction surfaces or discs and slip in new pads.

Drop caliper back into place (on some versions there is a peg which must be aligned with the piston by rotating it) and replace guide bolt (ideally using a drop of thread locking compound) and tighten to the correct torque.

Replace handbrake assembly.

Replace wheel and repeat on other side.

When finished apply handbrake repeatedly and then footbrake repeatedly to reset the brakes.

Test brakes before relying on them.

It is a good idea to give them a quick check a week or so later to check nothing is dropping off because it was not tightened properly.

Hope this is useful as they are quite awkward if you are not used to them.

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Q: Video of How do you remove the rear brake pads on a 1996 Nissan Primera?
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