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WHY DOES indicator stalk on Peugeot 406 KEEP ON FLASHING?

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2007-07-20 21:22:19

yyyHaving had the same problem myself, and done a lot of

research, the answer is that there is a known design fault with 406

(and some 306) indicator stalks that leads to random flashing. The

original part manufacturer went bust because they couldn't cope

with all the warranty replacements.

Peugeot will replace it if the car is in warranty and even out of

warranty on a case by case basis. If you get your car serviced by a

dealer then they might replace it out of warranty to keep your

business. Most people don't realise that consumer law requires all

goods to be fit for purpose and withstand reasonable wear and tear

- irrespective of warranty period. You don't hear of other

manufacturer's indicator stalks packing up after 3 or 4 years from


I managed to keep mine going for quite a while by wiggling the

stalk vigourously up / down / back & front for a minute or two

- make sure the ignition is off.

I think the problem is that the internal switch parts wear and the

switch contacts touch when they shouldn't. I looked at taking mine

apart, but it's not made for servicing. Dealers charge around £70

for a new stalk but you can get them for £40 or less. They are easy

to fit if you are basically competent in DIY. Just find the screws

under the steering column bottom cover and remove the top cover.

The stalk is held in by a couple of screws and there is a push fit

connector for the cable.

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