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Was England Protestant by 1553?

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2008-10-26 02:20:01

No! The ist English Mass & worship serices did not begin

until 1554. Until then it was simply the Catholic Church (Western,

i.e., Church of Rome). Thomas Cranmer (71st Archbishop of

Canterbury) translated the Latin services into English...under

direction from King Henry VIII. Note: Henry died before the 1st

English Service was ever held. Yes! ... if you follow the dates

closely. Actually, the first English Prayer Book went into effect

in 1549. England was "Catholic" separated from Rome until Henry's

death in 1548. Henry only allowed a small portion of the Mass to be

put into English---a preparation for receiving communion---as well

as having the English Bible read in churches. Under Edward I, the

Reformation began to arrive in force, with a still more Protestant

Prayer Book in 1552. Stone altars were broken up in many places and

replaced with wooded Holy Tables, statues removed. The next Prayer

Book was in 1559 under Elizabeth I, after the Catholic Restoration

under Mary had been overturned. ---An Anglican Priest

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