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Were there any deaths during the Great Depression?

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well see there was not very many deaths in the great depression but in count there was 89 all together

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Where there any deaths during the Great Depression in 1929-1942?

Thousands of people die every day, even during the Great Depression.Yes, the Great Depression precipitated many deaths, beginning with the stock market crash, but it would be difficult to say how many could be directly related to the depression.

How did the Great Depression reach New Zealand?

New Zealand suffered during the Great Depression because the New Zealand economy relies largely on exports. During the depression there was no demand for any of the products we have to export, and therefore there was no circulation of money.

What Were the 4 things people waited in line for during the great depression?

can i get any help

Do the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl have any connection?

The Dust Bowl happened during the years of the Great Depression, and the constant dust storms ruined the crops of many Midwestern and Southern farmers during those years, making it even harder for those farmers to make any money to ease the pain of the Great Depression.

What were Womens Fashions during the Great Depression?

they wore any kinda clothing like mostly rags

How did people get to school or work during the great depression?

There weren't any jobs to get to..and kids walked to school.

How much was a doctor paid each week during Great Depression?

During the Great Depression a physician found it very difficult to collect fees for services rendered as no one had any money. They most often made no weekly pay.

What were Hoovervilles during the Great Depression?

Hoovervilles were shanty towns that people were forced to live in because they could not afford any proper accomodation during the Great Depression. They were named after President Hoover who was President of the US at the beginning of the Great Depression. Hoover was replaced by Franklin D Roosevelt because he was regarded as a 'do nothing President' meaning he did not put proper measures in place to help the USA out of the Great Depression.

Where there any celebrities during the Great Depression?

It depends what you mean by celebs but there were some extremely rich people during the great depression. The Vanderbilt's and some other families held more then 20% of America's money during the Great Depression. There were a few films during that era but radio stars still were much more popular because almost everyone had a radio and it was hard for people to go to the movies.

What was life like during the Great Depression era in rural Mississippi?

Life was very hard during the Great Depression. No one had any money and no one knew what to do. Jobs were not very easy to find, because every one needed one.

How do you feed your family during the great depression?

well first of all I think it doesnt concern any of your business

Why did people migrate to California to become workers during The Great Depression?

'Any job' is better than 'no job'...

Were more millionaires made per capita during The Great Depression than at any other time in history?


What did orphans ware during the Great Depression?

They wore the same clothing as any other child during the great depression. Girls and boys dressed in pants and dress shoes if they lived in an orphanage. If they didn't live in an orphanage the girls wore skirts. Hope this helped answer your question. -Rebecca Fin

What was the worst thing that happened during the Great Depression?

people lost there house,some died and didnt have any money to but any thing so they died of starvation.

Why did the banks fail during the great depression?

People kept on getting money after money and the bank didn't have any more money to give out

How can you use the word Great Depression in a sentence?

The Great Depression was a time starting around 1929 and lasting as long as the 1930's and into 1940 in some countries. It was a time when the economy crashed and everyone was horribly poor. Here are some sentences that are true.The banker was so upset when he lost all his money in the Great Depression that he killed himself.During the Great Depression, many people could not find any jobs at all.The Great Depression has left lasting scars that still affect people.

How did the homeless and farmers respond to the Great Depression both passively and actively?

Farmers tried to sell their farms but they was not able to sell them. The homelesses tried to find a job but they could not find any jobs. Suicide rates increased during the Great Depression.

Why wasn't there any food during the Great Depression?

There was food during the Great Depression. Distribution systems were impaired or broken and many people had much less money than before and so found it hard to afford to buy all the food they needed as well as pay for necessary clothing, housing, etc.

Which country was strong economically during the Great Depression?

The US was better off than any of the European nations, Germany was especally hard hit.

Were there cars during the Great Depression?

There were cars. People with stable incomes (namely people who owned companies or profiters of war) would be able to buy them. Cars started to be produced in mass (before the Great Depression started during the 'crazy years' when people had money), and therefore, the price of cars greatly descended. When people had their cars during the Great Depression, often people wouldn't have any money for fuel for their cars, so they would take the engine out and use horses or buffalos to pull their cars. They called them 'Bennet Buggies' after their Prime Minister at the time (R.B. Bennett) whose solutions during the Great Depression would never work.

Did Herbert Hoover start the Great Depression?

N0. One man can not start a great depression even if he tries to start one and most certainly Hoover did not want to start any kind of depression, let alone a great one.

Why was there no middle class in the Great Depression?

AnswerThe middle classes were still there during the Great Depression. Any suggestion that everyone was reduced to grinding poverty is inaccurate.The difference during the Depression was that employment was very much lower, so that the number of "middle class" individuals decreased as a percentage of the population. Many of those who were still working also received less income, and the availability of consumer goods was sharply diminished.

How many fire fighters died during the attack of the pentagon?

There seems to be no details of any deaths for fire fighters at the Pentagon crash site. All of the deaths were attributed to the initial collision and not during any subsequent rescue operations.

Why did Roosevelt refuse to admit large numbers of Jews who were fleeing Europe?

The United States did not want to have any more poor and hungry people during the Great Depression.