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A diaspora ( /daɪˈæspərə/) is a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale. In particular, diaspora has come to refer to involuntary mass dispersions of a population from its indigenous territories, most notably the expulsion of Jews from the Land of Israel


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The four diaspora occurred in the following order. From newest to oldest: the American Diaspora, the European Diaspora, the Roman Diaspora, and the Babylonian Diaspora.

The return of the Jews from the Diaspora.

If the question is asking about the Jewish Diaspora, those Jews who are in Israel are not considered to be in the Diaspora.If the question is asking about a different diaspora, such as the Armenian Diaspora, the Circassian Diaspora, etc. the leaders of those ethnic group's religious institutions have become the leaders of those diasporas in Israel.

Santeria is an example of the African diaspora.

If you are referring to the Jewish Diaspora, then it was the Jews that experienced it.

The current diaspora began in the year 70 CE.

Hranush Hakobian is the Minister of Diaspora for Armenia.

Diaspora communities; exiles; yordim (in recent usage). See also:More about the diaspora

The romans carried on the Jewish diaspora, begun by the Assyrians and Chaldeans.

No. Jesus lived in Israel, before the current Diaspora began.

Diaspora, refers to Jews who live outside Israel.

The diaspora is the period when the Babylonians exiled the Jews from Israel.

The diaspora was an infection spreading across europe.

Diaspora - software - was created in 2010.

Museum of the African Diaspora was created in 2005.

Chinese Diaspora refers to the Chinese Emigration throughout history.

Diaspora is when people move from their homeland to areas outside of the homeland. Therefore, a reverse diaspora would be when people who have fled their homeland return to it.

The diaspora refers to any area outside of the land of Israel. In Hebrew diaspora is go-lah.Diaspora refers to people not land. It refers to the dispersion, scattering of the Jewish people. The words origins are Greek or French.

Diaspora is a word used to describe Jews who do not live within Israel. A good sentence would be, there was a whole group of people that were diaspora.

They were (and are) known as "Diaspora Jews."

The Jews of the diaspora were living in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Cyrene and Cyprus.

Diaspora - album - was created in 1995-03.

It hasn't ended yet. Diaspora means dispersion. Until the Jews all return to Israel and live in peace, the Diaspora is still in effect.

Is the sentence ...Ethiopians in the diaspora ...correct?. I believe the right usage would be ....ethiopian diaspora...etc. Please correct me with explanation Yhanks

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