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The Ernst-Happel Stadium, built in Vienna in 1930 for the Second Workers' Olympiad,

is at about 48.207° North latitude.

A sweep across Canada for population centers at the same approximate latitude

uncovers the following:

Ontario :

-- Suomi (48.24°)

-- Thunder Bay (48.39°)

-- Goudreau (48.26°)

-- Dalton (48.15°)

-- Foleyet (48.24°)

-- Sesekinika (48.21°)

-- Virginiatown (48.15°)


-- Arntfield (48.20°)

-- Cadillac (48.27°)

-- Obaska (48.205°)

-- Bourmont (48.20°)

-- Ferland (48.18°)

-- Petit-Saguenay (48.213°)

-- Saint-Simone-de-Rimouski (48.203°)

-- Gascons (48.196°)

Newfoundland and Labrador :

-- Saint Fintans (48.202°)

-- Clarenville airport (48.275°)

-- Old Bonaventure (48.29°)

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Hundreds have. Here is a selection:

Spain: Avilés, Gijón

France: Toulouse, Montpelier, Arles, Nice

Italy: Pisa, Livorno, Ancona

Croatia: Split

Bosnia/Herzegovina: Sarajevo

Serbia: Krusevac

Bulgaria: Dobrich

Russian Federation: Sochi, Nalchik,

Kazakhstan: Aqtau

China: Urümqi, Linxi, Tongliao

Japan: Asahikawa

USA: Boise ID, Moose WY, Thermopolis & Newcastle WY, Sioux Falls SD,

Albert Lea MN, Lacrosse & Sheboygan WI, Bay City & Cass City MI

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The latitude at the center of Ontario, California is 34.0635 North. Reasonably close

to that same latitude are the cities/towns of . . .

-- Rabat and Fez, Morocco

-- Nurabad, Iran

-- Peshawar, Pakistan

-- Srinagar, India

-- Yuxia and Xuchang, China

-- Hofu and Tokushima, Japan

If the question refers to the Canadian province of Ontario (it would have been

considerate to specify), that's quite a different matter. From Pelee Island in

Lake Erie to the south shore of Hudson's Bay, Ontario spans a range of about

15.14 degrees of latitude, or about 1,050 miles (1,680 km) north-to-south.

In that same range of latitude around the Earth, there are literally thousands

of population centers of all shapes and sizes, in 45 different countries!

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Calgary has a similar latitude to London, but they're not identical

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Oviedo, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Toulouse, Montpellier, Monaco, Pisa,

Florence, and Sarajevo, are all within less than 1/2 degree.

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Q: What Canadian cities are at the same latitude as London England?
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