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What Compound exercises help to lose belly fat?


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The only true way to lose belly fat is to take in less calories than you use. There are individual foods that boost metabolism (slightly), but these will never have the same impact as diet and exercise. Diet alone isn't enough for most people - you need to be active. Find little ways to add activity to your everyday routine; it can go a long way.


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It takes more than abdominal exercises to lose belly fat. Squats and leg raises should also be included in your workout.

Yoga is a good exercise program for strengthening and toning the body and as such would help to lose belly fat. Any good gym will be able to help you choose good exercises for losing belly fat. Keep in mind that you also will need to control your diet for optimum results.

Sit up is an example of exercise that you can do in order to lose some belly fat and replace it with muscle.

Do Squat & Deadlift strength training exercises. Doing these will help strengthen your abs and make your waistline smaller.

Typical exercises one might perform in order to lose belly fat could be sit-ups and squat-thrusts. While these exercises may be somewhat difficult to perform, the outcome is better health.

Some simple exercises to help lose fat are cardiovascular exercises. These exercises could be jogging, jump roping and running. Foods that could help lose fat would be fruits.

Seeing a nutritionist could help you figure out the best diet and exercise plan for you. You may be eating the wrong foods or doing the wrong exercises. Going to a local gym and talking to a personal trainer could also help you lose belly fat.

Diet + Exercise is the best solution to lose your belly fat. Follow a diet plan which will suit you. Do cardio exercises at least 30 minutes a day Do strength training exercises on alternate days along with cardio exercise.

All you have to do is do some squatches(sit-ups) . This will make you crunch your spine so the belly flab overlaps. This will make you lose weight faster.

exercises, jogging and push ups will help to lose stomach

Yes, it works your cardio. However, if you really want to lose those belly fat, you've got to have a good diet, and do some sit ups and exercises not just jogging.For more information, see the related question and detailed answer'How to lose Belly Fat?'

A safe way to lose belly fat, according to, is to watch your food intake. Cut out excess and empty calories from your diet and stick to clean foods, with a focus on lean protein. This, along with exercises (with a strong focus on the abs), should help lose the fat in a healthy way.

No. Nothing you put in your mouth will help you lose belly fat. But Jasmine tea, preferably unsweetened, will not make you fatter.

Good exercises to lose belly fat would be to work out the abs. The best exercises for that include the bicycle exercise, the captain's chair leg raise, exercise ball crunch, vertical leg crunch, and long arm crunch.

Light workout and exercises are helpful to lose your belly fats. Exercises such as jogging, cycling, walking, running, swimming are some useful exercises to lose belly fat.

oatmeal can really help you lose the belly fat but inly get the plain one and then add berries or other fruits in it

Cycling and walking on regular basis is best and easy exercises to lose your weight effectively and permanently.

The best exercises to help lose weight in your buns and thighs is squats, lunges, and step ups. These exercises will help you tone your muscles.

Exercises that help strengthen your core will help you look sleeker and reduce abdominal pudge. Pliates exercises and pole dancing exercises are both great for that.

yoga is just stretching, really. If you want to lose fat, you'll want to do cardio exercises (ANY cardio exercise)

Yes jumping rope does help you lose weight it helps you lose the belly fat and arm fat.

They (sit ups) work your abdomen and help you lose the belly fat and help you get abs.

The very first step is to check with your primary care doctor-- if you don't have one, arrange for that soon. She/he will know about your dietary needs, and will know how to help/advise you. Cardio Exercises + Abdominal Exercises + Diet is the best way to lose belly fat. If possible, do some strength training exercises as they improve the body metabolism and hence you can lose more fat. Some of the best belly fat burning foods are Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids 1. Avocado 2. Olive Oils 3. Pea nuts 4. Dark Chocolates

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Unfortunately there is not spot training or exercise to specifically lose belly fat, nor is there a magic pill or potion. To lose belly fat a person needs to make changes in their lifestyle, such as making healthy, lower fat, lower sugar food choices, incorporating a lot of fruits and vegetables into their daily diet, and do cardiovascular as well as strengthening exercises to help burn off excess calories and weight.

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