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What all do you need to add a second battery to your car?

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A location to secure it, and proper wiring. You will need to wire it parallel, not serial.

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Can salt water be add into battery?

No, you shouldn't even put tap water into a lead acid battery. Most if not all lead acid batteries sold today are advertized as "maintenance-free", but if you do find that you need to add water, use only distilled water.

Does a bass with an active eq need a battery for the pickups?

Yes, all active pickup systems need a battery.

Do quartz watches have a battery?

Yes all quartz watches need a battery to work.

How do you add a second toilet to an existing drain?

All you have to do is add a "Y" pipe or Call a plumber

Can a battery operated device be changed over to electric?

Yes. All you need is a battery eliminator with the right characteristics.

How do I make a bill of sale for my motorcycle?

First, you need to download a bill of sale form. Second, you need to fill in all necessary fields and add pictures of your motorcycle. Then, you need to print out two copies and have both parties sign.

How do you know if you need to change your car battery?

Whenever your car doesn't start or you left a light on all night in your vehicle, it usually means you need to replace your battery. You can go to AutoZone or a place like that to have them test to see if you need to replace your battery.

If a 1995 Eldorado displays low refrigerant how do you reset the computer for the AC to work?

is it low on freon? I have a 96, but all you need to do is trick the computer. To do that you need to disconnect (+) and (-) cables to battery. This will trick the computer to start the compressor. If you are low, it is possible that you will need to add about 3lbs of coolant into your car. !

What kind of battery does an air soft rifle need?

It all depends on the model

Can you eliminate alternator from car?

you need the alternator to charge the battery with no alternator when the battery drops to about 10 volts car will not run at all.

Who invented the battery cables?

A battery cable is a too basic thing to qualify as an invention. But sure, there had to be a first person to use one - which in all probability is the same person who invented the battery. After all, a battery isn't to any use unless you connect it to something, and to do that, you'd need battery cables.

How do you change the battery on a 2011 jeep grand Cherokee?

The Battery is located under the passenger front seat, you need to move the seat all the way to the front and the change the battery

How do you reset alarm on Toyota Corolla 1999?

First remove battery cable. Second install your key and turn it to on. Third reinstall battery and all should be fine.

Which battery can punch out most electrons every second?

You need more specifics in your question. There are many kinds of cells: AAA, AA, C, and D. These all have 1.5 V. They all have approximately the same amount of current that flows from them given the same conditions. But you could also have a car battery that is only 12 V and can cause upwards of 600 A of current to flow. charge per second is the unit amp!

Can i play the sims dulexe if all i have is the second CD?

Nope....You need the second cd.

Why would your battery light glow all the time even when the key is off?

Whether the key is on or not, you have a low battery and it might need replacing.

How do you make an electric circuit?

all you will need is a 9v battery and cotton wool. just rub the battery on the cotton wool and it will start a fire.

Will it damage the car if I remove the flat battery and leave the car without battery for 2 weeks?

No, it will not damage the car at all, you will need to reprogram your radio when the new battery goes in though.

How do you rest low washer light on 2005 Dodge Dakota?

All you need to do is add washer fluid. If the light is still on, the sensor or wiring have failed.All you need to do is add washer fluid. If the light is still on, the sensor or wiring have failed.

What kind of battery do you need for a 1991 Ford Escort?

You Need a 35 Series BatteryThe best answer I can offer is that you need a battery that is a 35 series. They vary from brand to brand such as in Wal-Mart, the brand "EverLife" requires size 35-3S. At CarQuest, it is a 35-84 battery is the size you need. Everything I read says that it works for both a '91 and a '92 Ford Escort (all types).

Why does a petrol car still need a battery?

because you need something to start it and run the lights and stereo and all that jazz

Do you need batteries for iPod Touch?

Kinda. The Ipd runs on battery, but it's built into the unit. All you need to do is recharge it.

Can a battery store energy?

Well, let's see. Can you use the battery to light a lightbulb ? Can you use the battery to run a motor ? Can you use the battery to play an iPod, a cellphone, or a portable DVD player ? Can you use a battery to turn over a gasoline engine and make it start ? Can you use a battery to run an electric car ? All of these need energy to work. I guess they must all get it from the battery.

What tools are needed for changing the battery in 99 Chrysler lhs?

Depends on what kind of battery you have but 9 times out of ten all you will need is a couple wrenches.

Why does your engine die when you disconnect the battery on your 1997 tbird?

This car may need the battery in the system to complete all circuits. Are you trying to test your alternator?