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What am I if Teachers hate me cows like me monkeys eat me and I am a 9 letter word?

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2011-03-01 11:45:33
2011-03-01 11:45:33

Though a lot of people think that the answer "Rosemarys" is the correct answer, it isn't because a) the plural form of "rosemary" would be "rosemaries" not "rosemarys." Also b) neither the word "rosemaries" nor "rosemarys" exists in the English language. Secondly, teachers do like rosemary because it is a shrub cultivated for its spice and perfume. So the correct answer is....

Tautonyms: Words or terms made from two identical parts or syllables.

1) The teachers hate me -- because tautonyms are no longer allowed in botany

2) Cows like me -- Bison bison is a tautonym for American Bison

4) Gold likes me : the "Gold" software includes tautonyms (included at odd times)

3) Monkeys eat me -- Ziziphus zizyphus is tautonym for jujube, a fruit native to Asia. This could apply to a sweet made from jujube, or a Moroccan jujube honey.

*Over time, the letter spacing ----o-ym- has been miscopied in every conceivable way.

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