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What animals live in southeast Asia?

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Some of the animals that can be found in Southeast Asia are Leopard, Rhinoceros, Asian Elephant and Orangutan. These animals are diverse on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo.

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Q: What animals live in southeast Asia?
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What animals live in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia?

Animals such as green tree frogs, snakes, owls, alligators all live in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia.

Where do the Asia elephant live?

In Southeast Asia. Near Dailaisan.

Where does a water buffalo live?

East Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Do more people live on the islands of insular southeast Asia than on the continental portion of southeast Asia?


More people live on the islands of Insular Southeast Asia than on the continental portion of Southeast Asia?


Where in the world does wolf snake live?

South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Where do iguanas live?

From southeast Asia to Brazil

Where peacock live?

Peafowl live in India, southeast Asia.

In what part of Asia do Siberian tigers live?

the tigers live in the southeast and eastern part of Asia

What cobras live in the countries of Asia?

central asia south asia southeast asia and south china

Where do shrew's live?

Tree shrews live in south and southeast Asia

Where does golden tiger love to live?

Tigers live in Southeast Asia.

Where does the black gibbon live?

It lives in Southeast Asia

Where in southeast Asia do white tigers live in?

in oman

Where exactly does the silver langur live?

southeast Asia

Where do most cobras live?

around southeast Asia

Where does a Indian balloon frog live?

Southeast Asia.

What are some animals that begin with the letter T in southeast Asia?


What animals do they have in Asia?

tigers live in Asia

Where do Indian pythons live?

Indian pythons live in India and southeast Asia

Do cobras live in the savvanah Georgia?

no they live in Asia mostly in the southeast area

Do you have maps of where elephants live?

Elephants live in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa.

Could other animals live in king cobra habitat?

Many other animals live in the king cobra's habitat in and around Southeast Asia. In fact, the tropical zones have some of the biggest biodiversity on the planet.

WHERE does the Burmese Python live?

Southeast Asia (Burmese- Burma).

Where do most buddists live nowadays?

China and southeast Asia