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What are Mexicos current allies and enemies?

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You should note that when international politics and diplomacy are involved, there are no real friends but different countries with common or diverging interests that more often than not, end up in 'friendly rivalries', contempt or even outright war.

With that in mind, the closest countries to Mexico would include the United States and Canada in North America; Spain, the United Kingdom and France in Europe; Argentina, Brazil and Colombia in Latin America and Japan and South Korea in Asia. There are no meaningful relations between Mexico and any African country to-date.

As for enemies, Mexico doesn't have any; just 'friendly' disputes with other countries on diplomatic, political or commercial terms, such as with the United States regarding illegal immigrants pouring into the US Southwest (conversely, military-grade American weapons getting to criminal organizations in Mexico), or trade issues with China regarding cheap, low-quality products reaching -- in some instances illegally -- Mexico's markets, putting out of business many local industries.

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