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"Exotics" depend on where you live. One country may consider a certain type of cattle to be exotic that Another Country "across the pond" does not. For example, in India, Angus cattle are considered an exotic breed, but not in North America. Here in North America, Nelore or Tuli cattle are considered exotic breeds, but not in India and Africa, respectively.

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What is the difference in indigenous and exotic cattle breeds?

The main difference between indigenous and exotic cattle is that indigenous breeds are bred specifically to handle the environmental conditions of the area they are to be raised in. Exotic breeds are transported to crossbreed with indigenous breeds in order to create a new breed.

Are there only dairy and meat cows?

Some breeds are dairy cows, some are beef cows and some are dual-purpose breeds.

What are the three exotic breeds of rabbits?


What are five common breeds of cows in the UK?

Five common breeds of cows in the UK are Friesian ,Hereford ,Charolais ,Jersey and Guernsey

What are exotic breeds of cattle sheep goat and poultry birds?

There are many exotic breeds of cattle, sheep, goat, and poultry birds. This depends on the original location in question.

Which country breeds the most cows?


How many breeds of cows are there?

There are over 800 to 900 breeds of cattle that exist in the world.

How many breeds of cows are there world wide?

There are over 900 breeds of cattle worldwide.

What do Icelandic cows eat?

They eat grass, just like other breeds of cows do.

What are the 2 breeds of cows?

There are WAY more than just two breeds of cows. But I will give you the two most popular breeds in North America: one is beef, the other dairy:AngusHolstein

Do cows produce dairy products?

Specific breeds of cattle known collectively as dairy cows are bred to produce large amounts of milk as opposed to beef breeds that are bred for more size and subsequently muscle. There are also dual-purpose breeds that produce moderate amounts of milk and are more common as family cows. Holsteins, Jersey, milking Devon are common breeds of dairy cows.

Pictures of breeds of cows?

Check out the related link below for pictures of the various breeds of cattle.

How many different breeds of cows in Australia?


What do you call a person who breeds cows?

Cattle producer.

What are white cows?

White cows are cows that have white hair. The breeds that have white cows are Charolais, Shorthorn, White Park, British White, and some Brahman.

What are two exotic breeds of cattle?

Those two exotic "varieties" of cattle all depends on where you live. Where one location considers a certain breed being "exotic" is not that in another. For example, in India, two exotic breeds of cattle would be Holstein and Brown Swiss. In North America, exotics would be Dexters and Scottish Highland. (Texas Longhorns may also be considered "exotic" even though they are one of the first breeds ever to enter into the United States and Canada. Zebus, however, are undoubtedly considered exotic in the US and Canada.)

Do cows in other countries moo in foreign languages?

No, cows don't vary by language. They vary by breeds.

Why do cows have patches of black?

Not all cows do, only certain breeds. And it's all due to genetics.

What are names of all the cows?

Hopefully mean breeds of all the cows. Here is a URL to a number of the breeds of cattle in the world. There are currently hundreds of breeds of cattle worldwide, though not all of them are have recognized breed associations. Some are purebred and others are hybrids of two or more different breeds.

Can dog breeds be mixed with cows?

No. and anyway how? they are diffrent spcies. :/ no

What is the scientific name for an Exotic Shorthair?

The answer is Felis catus. All breeds of domestic cat, including the Exotic Shorthair, have the same scientific name.

What kind of female cows have horns?

This is an ambiguous question because there are over 900 breeds of cattle in the world, and there are a few breeds where all cows (AND bulls) are horned, but all others have cows that are horned. There really is no "kind" or "type" of cow that has horns.

What are all the exotic breeds of cattle?

What breeds are considered "exotic" depends on your location. While one breed may be considered common in one region, it may be considered an "exotic" breed (or rare, as the basis of "exotic" species in a particular region is based on how many cattle of that breed exist in that area) in another. Therefore, this makes this question quite impossible to answer.

Do girl cows have horns?

Many breeds of cattle do have horned cows as well as bulls, though the horns of cows are usually smaller than those of bulls. There are also breeds that are 'polled', that is, do not have horns at all. many breeds that do have horns have them removed as calves to reduce injury to other livestock, farming equipment or the farmers themselves.

How many different types of breeds of cows are there?

There are reportedly over 900 breeds of cows in the world today. Five main types exist: * Dairy * Beef * Sport * Draft * Dual purpose

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