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A good meal for a long trip are noodles, boiled eggs, Sandwiches and clams or blood clams.

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Q: What are good foods to eat on a long car trip if you get sick easily?
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What are some good foods to eat when you're sick?

soft foods. like crakers and soup

Is it good to eat spicy foods when you have a cold?

it is always good to eat spicy food even if your sick

What to eat when your sick?

When a person is sick they don't need to eat fatty foods. Some foods you can eat while sick are ginger, soups, and honey.

Do elephants easily get sick?


What are the symptoms of overtraining?

Oversleeping Insomnia Getting sick easily

Why do you get sick when you eat bad foods?


What does the phrase healthy as a horse mean?

horses dont get sick that easily as some humans but when they do horses dont stay sick for very long as us humans tend to do.

Why can't shark get sick?

Why do you think that a shark can't get sick. They could get sick just as easily as you or me.

Is fishing good for your body?

Yes long as you dont get hurt or sick

Do chihuahua get sick?

yes. easily.

Do canned foods give cancer?

canned food dose not give Cancer but if it stays in the can to long after you open it you may get sick

How much sugary foods can you eat before getting sick?

to get sick? A lot; a guess.

Do yorkies get sick?

All dogs get sick. But there has been consistent claims that yorkies get sick easily do to their small size.

A substances that make you sick?

There are an unlimited number of substances that will make you sick. Molds and spoiled foods will make you sick for example.

What are some good foods to eat when you are sick?

applesauce, but that is pretty much it.soups. I'm sick right now and I don't even want to eat because you can't taste!It's terrible.

What do you do if you have fever?

Eat warm foods like soup with lots of vegetables in it, and get lots of sleep. Also, it is sometimes good to have icecream when sick.

How are bacteria good?

Bacteria are about balance in the environment or body. For example, to maintain proper digestion of foods, you need good bacteria. If there are not enough good bacteria, then you do not digest your food or obtain as much nourishment from your foods. Each region of the world has a different balance of good bacteria. That is why the water in one region of the world doesn't necessarily make the native inhabitants of the area sick, but might make you sick if you travel there.

What are good foods to eat during soccer training?

light foods are best - popcorn, banana chips - you don't want to get sick from all the running/jumping. drink moderate amount of water.

What food should be prepared for invalid?

It depends on the sickness that the invalid is suffering from. Chicken noodle soup is a common food for the sick. It is good to stick with mild foods when preparing meals for sick people. Avoid spicy dishes or food with very distinct flavors. Spicy or strong foods can upset the stomach, especially if you are sick. Also, it is good to eat foods that are not too dense and/or difficult to digest because you want your body to be using it's energy to get better, rather than digest food.

What kinds of food is bad?

their is no bad food all foods are good the omly food that you can say that is bad is the food that makes you sick when you eat it.

What food do you have to eat to feel sick?

There are many different foods that make different people sick. There is no correct answer.

Do gerbils get sick easily?

No, unless they have had a fight and are infected

How long will sliced cheese not refrigerated be good for.?

Foods that are left out in room temperature for more than an hour can begin bacteria growth. Our stomach acids can kill some of these bacterias but not all and some can make you very sick. Keep foods OUT of the danger zone- Above 40 degrees and Below 140 degrees. Between these temperatures bacteria lives and breeds on our foods.

IF someone got sick after eating at a restaurant would getting tested for hepatitis be a good idea?

Yes, as the sickness can easily get worse and spread.

How is sports useful?

Sports is useful because it makes you have a healthy life style and it keeps you fit, in a good mood and you won't get sick easily.