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if the other girl dont like you for no reason. if the other girl talks bad about you to others. if the other girl spreads rumors. if she tries to put you down.

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Signs a girl is jealous of you hugging another girl?

They will usually try to tell you to stop hanging out with the girl.

What are signs that a girl is jealous of other girl?

If that girl makes up hate propaganda against the other girl, this is a good indication that she is jealous.

How can you tell when another girl is JEALOUS of you what are the signs?

Simply the way she looks at the thing she's jealous about, and she probably won't mention it to you, but would just make you feel it. Tamii Joe ~

How do you make her jealous?

be seen with another girl

How do you get a girl jealous with another girl in 6th grade?

Make the guy she likes flirt or ask out another girl.

How do you make a woman jealous?

You can make a woman jealous by flirting and laughing with another girl. Trust me, they'll get really jealous!

What reasons a girl would be jealous of another girl?

they would be extremely jelous if the other girl was flirting with you

Is it bad to be jealous of your boyfriend talking to a girl?

It's not a bad thing. Honestly most girls get jealous when there boyfriend is talking to another girl. But you shouldn't worry about it.

Why is he making you jealous?

because the person you are dating is with another girl and is cheating on you

How do you know a girl is jealous?

You can usually tell if a girl is jealous if she is always wanting to be around you. you can also tell if she gets mad everytime your with another friend or you talk to another girl. if she is jealous than you should just sit down with her and find out what she doesnt like you doing and if you don't agree with her just be nice and say your sorry but theres nothing to be jealous about....

If he talked about another girl does it mean he wants you to got jealous?

most of the time yes. guys love it when your jealous, but hate it when they are.

What do you do when your girlfriend is jealous about another girl?

Tell her she shouldn't be jealous because she is much prettier and better than her in every way.

If a guy likes you then why would he get with another girl to make you jealous?

You answered it yourself. He got with the other girl to make you jealous. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Why do guys date a girl and like another?

They're obviously trying to make the other girl jealous.

What are the signs if your crush likes another girl?

If your crush likes another girl, he will tease that girl, and stare at her all the time.

How can you get a guy jealous?

The truth is that all guys get jealous,a guy can only get jealous if he finds his girl friend play roughly with another guy,or when is girl friend talks about another guy almost every time,or even when he gets to read conversations between his girl friend and another guy. Some guy can control them selfs by not showing it and acting like they don't care,but deep down inside they are jealous. Why some other guy can't control the fact that they are jealous

Are you a jealous girlfriend?

no i would sit by and watch my bf flirt with another girl

Why do girls get jealous when you date another girl?

Because honey its our natural thing

Signs that the she is jealous?

signs can mean her face expression or her attitude.

How do you get your crush jealous?

Easy. Stand around another girl/guy, talk to them ALOT, and they will be very jealous. I've done it, it worked.

Does your guy friend like you if he kisses another girl and then asks you did you have a problem with it?

He either is trying to make you jealous or he doesn't want you to be jealous

How can you tell if a guy is talking to another girl?

Well, you can't tell that much, but if you mean seeing another girl, I don't know. If you mean talking to another girl, you are just really jealous. he just starts talking to another girl, and looking at you when he is talking to make you jealous. flirts with her, stuff like tht you will probaly see it, u don't have to ask

What does it mean when you dream about being jealous?

That would depend on what you are jealous of. If you are jealous of another girl, perhaps it is a sub-conscious fear that your man is attracted to her. If you are jealous of another persons possessions, maybe it is just that you have a innate feeling that you aren't doing well enough in life.

What should you do if your girl is jealous because you hugged another girl in front of her?

Explain that the other girl is just your friend then kiss your gf

How do you you tell if a girl likes you in year 7 if she has said no is she trying to make me jealous or what?

Hi There! I myself am in year 7 and am a girl. The signs of a girl liking you are them pretending to dislike you and they may try to make you jealous. She probably wants to ask you out but is too scared. Hope this helps, :)

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