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What are some famous people in Massachusetts?

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Some famous people from Massachusetts include: Eli Whitney, Samuel Adams and Emily Dickinson. A lot of politicians call Massachusetts home.

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Famous people from Massachusetts?

Some famous people of Massachusetts were William Bradford, John Winthrop, and Priscilla and John Alden.

What are the names of some famous people who were born in Massachusetts and why and how are they famous?

Here are some famous people born in Massachusetts. Actors: Eliza Dushku, Uma Thurman, James Spader. Comedians: Dane Cook. Also Barbara Walters was born in Massachusetts.

What are some famous people that cane from Massachusetts?

look on wikipedia

Who are some famous people living in Massachusetts?

Stephen King

Who are some famous people from Massachusetts bay colony?

John Winthrop

Who are some famous people born and living in Massachusetts?

steven tyler

What were some famous people assosiated with the Massachusetts bay colony?

John Winthrop

What are some famous tourist areas in Massachusetts?

The famous tourist area in Massachusetts is Cape Cod.

Who were Famous people in the colony of Massachusetts?

Some of the most famous people in the colony of Massachusetts are: Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, John Henry, John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Hancock I Hope this Helps desperate people out their, including me! No offense!

What famous people live in Massachusetts?

There are several famous people who have lived in Massachusetts. A few of the people are Ben and Casey Affleck, Steve Carrell, and Anthony Michael Hall.

Famous people born in Massachusetts?

Many people have come from Massachusetts. One famous person from present times is the Staind front man Aaron Lewis.

Who where famous people from 13 colony Massachusetts?

john winthrop

Who was the important people and why they were famous in Massachusetts?

Jay Leno, who is a comedian.

What did the famous trials in Salem Massachusetts suggest that some people in that colony were?

superstitious and intolerant

Famous people from Massachusetts in 1600-1700?

albert pujols

Famous tourist area in Massachusetts?

Freedom Trail is a famous Tourist site in Massachusetts. Many people also visit Cheers, the bar from the favorite television show.

What famous people from Massachusetts live in Montana?

the most famous person is brian norm. he is absolutely famous because he has had famous education and is smart. (:

Who were some famous people in Massachusetts?

There have been many.. John F. Kennedy John Adams Ben Frankland were all native sons.

Do some people do weddings for famous people?

some people can' most people do if they are famous

Who are some famous singers from Massachusetts?

There are quite a few famous singers who are from Massachusetts. They include James Taylor, John Legend, Emily Robinson, Joey McIntyre, and Donna Summer.

Who are some famous people of haiti?

Who are some famous people in Haiti

Who are some famous people from botswana?

Who are some famous people from botswana?

What are some of the responsibilities of people living in Massachusetts?

People that live in Massachusetts have the same responsibilities as people living anywhere else in the world. The responsibilities of people that live in Massachusetts are clean, cooking and working.

Why should people living in England move to Massachusetts?

Some people move from England to Massachusetts because they like the land better and the people. Not all people think move from England to Massachusetts.

Who are two famous people from Massachusetts?

The Kennedy brothers: John F., Bobby, and Ted

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