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There is basically only one reason. Japanese Imperialism. They wanted to own the Pacific Ocean and viewed Hawaii as rightfully theirs.

Even more deeply rooted contributor other than the Japanese imperialistic deeds, the Japanese wanted to become a powerful industrial nation. Up to this point most of the world, including America, had gone through the 1920's sort of economic boom because of the development of new technology. The development of the steam engine and electricity we large parts of this. Also, Japan had already formed the alliance with Germany and Italy by now and highly nationalistic and imperialistic ideas had become widely accepted in Japan. They needed, like all industrialized nations, lots of resources to become a dominating power and also felt they needed more breathing room. So they became interested in the Philippines which was under the US control. Japan started expanding in that direction but knew the only way to get it was by force. America got ticked and said leave China and the Philippines and the pacific alone or else. Japan didn't want to so launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor to knock out the large pacific fleet stationed their. Their main targets were the US aircraft carriers, which were sent out to look for Japanese ships earlier and it was a miracle that they weren't or we wouldn't have been able to retaliate. And that is why the attacked and what happened. Sorry for the long response, just wanted to give you all the information.

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Q: What are some reasons Pearl Harbor was attacked?
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Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and not some other place?

Pearl Harbor was the base of the U.S pacific fleet it thus was attacked because it was the most lucrative target.

How did Pearl Harbor unite the US?

When Pearl Harbor was attacked many people took it personally. Some had relatives that were involved in the attack, some had friends, and some just cared enough about the country to step up to defend it.

What did people name the day Pearl Harbor was attacked?

Some followed Roosevelt's lead and called it infamy.

What if japan attacked any other place in the US instead of Pearl Harbor?

It still would've meant war. Just not so destructive, as some of our biggest warships were stationed at Pearl Harbor.

How did Pearl Harbor attack Japan?

You have some serious reading to do. Pearl Harbor did not attack Japan. The US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor HI was attacked by the Japanese on Dec 7, 1941. The American ships were tied up at their morring points in the harbor, and there had been no declaration of war. This was an unprovoked attack by Japan on the United States.

What were the political reasons for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Because the Japanese wanted some trix cereal

What was Pearl harbor about?

On December 7, 1941, Japan surprise attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Japan destroyed some air force bases and nearly damaged or sunk almost all the navy ships. Around 2,000 people died from the attacks. After Pearl Harbor, the US entered into the WWII.

What were that names of some nurses who died in Pearl Harbor?

no nurses wew killed at Pearl Harbor

What are some of the battleships that bombed Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor was done by aircraft only.

Why were some ships not in their place when Pearl Harbor was attacked?

By a random stroke of luck most of the American Aircraft Carriers stationed at Pearl Harbor were out in deeper waters practicing maneuvers when the Japanese attack came. That's why the Japanese commanders considered Pearl Harbor a failure because they weren't able to significantly cripple the American Pacific fleet.

What are some other events that happened when Pearl Harbor was going on?

The Phillipenes, Guam, Midway, Wake Island, Malaya, Thailand and Shanghai were also attacked.

Why did the US government intern the Japanese during World War 2?

The U.S. entered WWII and Japan because the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was a naval base. This attack killed hundreds of U.S. soldiers. After this attack America joined the war. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor because the United States boycotted them.AnswerThere was some concern regarding whether the Japanese in this country would be loyal to the Emperor of Japan or to the United States. There were many reasons, the official reason given was because Japanese Americans living on the west coast were direct threats to National security.

Did the president know that japan was going to attack pearl harbor?

yes,they had some resources that the U.S. was going to be attacked,but they didnt know who,so 50/50

What are some names of some harbors?

Pearl harbor

What did the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor?

The reason why the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor was because Japan wanted to takeover some islands that were heavily guarded so they bombed Pearl Harbor so it is easier to take over the islands.

What events led up to the dropping of the first atomic bomb?

some events that led up to the atomic bombing was pearl harbor. if Japan wouldn't have attacked pearl harbor ww2 would have ended a lot differently.It is true that when you think about it you wonder why? But life is is why and God is in control and will protect us!!!

What are some wars and battles of Hawaii?

pearl harbor

What are some battlefields and memorials in Hawaii?

Pearl Harbor

What are some events in Hawaii?

pearl harbor attacks

Where is the setting of Pearl Harbor movie?

Some of the movie was filmed in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor & Hickam Field (AFB), especially the Hawaii scenes.

Where is the Pearl Harbor movie set?

Some of the movie was filmed in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor & Hickam Field (AFB), especially the Hawaii scenes.

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Some people looked upon the atomic bombings as revenge for the Pearl Harbor attack.

What are some of Hawaii's major cities?

Honolulu, Honomu, Pearl City, Pearl Harbor & Hawi...

Did civilians die at pearl harbor?

yes some civilians did die at pearl harbour from strafing

What was used in pearl harbor attack?

A bomb and some Japanese.