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What are some reasons an auto tranny would shift hard threw turns and hard acceleration?

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Newer, computer controlled transmissions might have that problem if the VSS isn't working properly.

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Cracked radiator end caps since the tranny fluid runs goes threw the caps for cooling that is the only way tranny fluid can get in the radiator

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I am not an expert, just a consumer. The "experts" all say no, but my experience says yes. Someone driving my car rear ended an suv. My car is automatic transmission. Damaged the front pretty badly, but the car still drove. Immediately threw a CEL (check engine light) and would not shift properly. CEL indicated 3 tranny codes, one being "2nd Gear Missing". All the experts said no way was it related, but the car shifted and drove perfectly prior to the accident and afterwards it immediately failed to shift properly. So I say, yes it can.

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