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firstly, EXERCISE! Look up the exercise called "Donkey kicks" on the internet. It works the back of the thighs. Pilates is awesome for a toned body all over. for cellulite: Don't smoke. Don't drink caffeine! Don't drink alchohol. these three things will cause cellulite. A multivitamin containing Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and all of the B's is great for the skin. It repairs the skin cells, regrows healthy new skin cells and rids the body of skin zapping free radicals.

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Q: What are the best ways to get toner and smaller thighs and legs?
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How can you tone your inner thighs?

lay on your side and lift your leg up and down on each side do at least 20 on each side . then lay on your side 20 reps and curve your legs and lift up and down do this each day and u should have toner inner thighs.

What is the best workout to slim your thighs?

Stair steppers or any aerobic exercise that gets your legs moving

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You can make your thighs and legs skinner without gaining any muscle by running long distance

What exercise should you do when you are trying to get rid of fat on your thighs?

lunges are really good for losing inches on your legs and thighs.

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Mr Bobby

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