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In the Army an active duty soldier cannot bring his girlfriend into the states, however if they were to get married he can bring his new wife to the U.S however she will not be afforded the same right as a U.S citizen.

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Q: What are the chances for a deported girl to get back into the United States if petitioned by her US citizen and active duty Army boyfriend with a fiancee visa?
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My boyfriend got deported can i marriage my boyfriend if I'm in the US and he is in Mexico?

If your boyfriend got deported, you can marry him to make him a U.S. citizen. But remember, the process of becoming a citizen may be a rigorous one. Best luck!

Can an American citizen be deported?

As long as they're a citizen they cannot be deported, there would be no point to it.

Can a deported person become a us citizen?

my dad was deported 4 times. and as of 2004 he is a citizen.

Would you get deported if you were accused of a crime?

You can deported if you are here illegally and not a citizen. A citizen can't be deported from their own country, but they can go to jail for committing a crime.

If you are a citizen can you marry and immigrant or alien resident to prevent him or her from getting deported?

It wont necessarily prevent them from being deported they can still get deported if the INS has a reason to do so although with them being married to a U.S. citizen their chances of getting a green card and being allowed to permanently stay in the U.S. are increased although not always guaranteed Good Luck and God Bless!!!

If you are a child of a legal citizen can you be deported if you commit a crime?

If you commit a crime, and are not a citizen of the United States, you can be deported, regardless of whether or not your parents are a citizen.

If you have an order of deportation and you married a us citizen can you become a resident?

Once you have been ordered to be deported, nothing you do can revoke that order. Even if you marry a US citizen, you will be deported. You can apply to reenter the US but the chances of that application getting approved is very less. Basically, no. Marrying after you have been ordered deported will not trick the court into letting one remain in the United States.

Can a person be deported if he or she is married an American citizen?

Yes, you can be deported. I am a Japanese citizen who went to the US when I was 1 1/2 yrs old. I have 2 children and a husband, all US citizens, but I was deported for life last year.

What happens when a child is at school and a parent gets deported?

If the child is a legal citizen they go to the closest legal relative, if there is no one to take the child they go into foster care. If the child is not a legal citizen they will be deported with the parent. If the child is a legal citizen and they aren't registered in school they can be deported with the parent as well.

How can an illegal alien become a us citizen if they have been deported and have a felony in the u.s.?

Unfortunately, an illegal alien can not become an US citizen if they have been deported before. If they have a felony, they can't become a US citizen either.

Can a child who is a US Citizen be raised by paternal grandparents who are citizens if the illegal mother gets deported and citizen father is deceased can the mother ask for the child to be deported?

only if the child isn't a citizen, if he is a citizen then you would have to fly (plane) him over to wherever you live.

If you get deported do you lose your 401k?

I would assume that if you were deported you were not a legal citizen or you have committed a crime to be deported back to whatever country you come from unless you cash out your 401k.

Can you be deported if you are married to an American citizen?

Yes, you can be deported. Marriage does not confir any type of immigration or visa status.

Can a bahamian deportee marry a us citizen and can it eventually get the persons back into the u.s.?

The citizen BELONGS in the US, but if the NON citizen has been deported... Well it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to go back, for the deportee to pretty much step on US ground is illegal. BUT the citizen might be helpful in succeeding chances of getting a work permit for the deportee, then you could climb the ladder from there.

If a citizen son makes petition to bring his mother to USA can his stepfather and his brother be petitioned along with his mother?

If a citizen son makes petition to bring his mother to USA can his stepfather and his brother be petitioned along with his mother?"If_a_citizen_son_makes_petition_to_bring_his_mother_to_USA_can_his_stepfather_and_his_brother_be_petitioned_along_with_his_mother

I am an American citizen my boyfriend was deported back to Mexico because he was not legal in the us if I marry him can he come back and how long will it take for him to be able to come back?

hard question, give me a kiss and I'll answer :)

Will your boyfriend be deported if you were to marry him if he entered the U.S. legally over 15 years ago and has committed one felony that he is now serving time for?

A foreign national who is convicted of a felony will be deported after they serve their imposed sentence and in most cases permanently barred for applying for reentry into the US. Marriage to a US citizen, if allowed will not alter the penalty, the person will still be deported and barred from the US.

Is it legal to be deported from a country where you are married to a citizen of said country?

It is until you have registered as a married citizen in America.

Can you get deported if your visa expired but you are married to a citizen with kids?

Yes, you can.

If an illegal immigrant mother is deported what happens to her citizen child if his US citizen father is deceased?

The CitiZen Chil will be adopted by Federal / State

If a Pakistani is being held by the INS and is in the process of being deported can he marry an American citizen so that he can obtain citizenship?

He can marry the US citizen but he won't gain citizenship through her n he will still b deported.

You are a us citizen married to a Mexican citizen who was deported How can he get a visitor visa?

Probably a ten-year wait if at all.

Can a illegal that has been deported marry a us citizen an be able to get papers?

nope! you have to be citizen to marry someone that is a citizens,

My boyfriend is a illegal immgrant that has been deported 3 time and if i marry him and have kids from him but he is from Belize not Mexico is it easyer for him to get approved to be a u.s.a citizen?

No, it's practically impossible due to his behaviour but pay an imigration lawyer for a consultation/

What are the chances that a person who has been convicted of a felony theft will be deported?

All foreign nationals who are convicted of a criminal felony are subject to deportation after they serve the imposed sentencing. This applies even if the person has obtained permanent resident status or has been a naturalized citizen for less than two years. If the person has been a US citizen longer than two years the Attorney General can file a lawsuit in federal court to have the person denaturalized and deported.