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Rainforests are found only in small areas and there are five major tropical rain forest regions in the world. Central America, the Amazon Basin, Africa, Southern Asia and Australia are where they are found.

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Does Brazil have tropical rainforests?

Yes Amazon Tropical , Pantanal

What are the names of the tropical rainforests of the world?

There is the Amazon

Where are the worlds tropical rainforests?

tropical equatorial rainforests are near the equator some are in the amazon S.T <3 T.L

What are the richest of all biomes?

the tropical rainforests

Where is the Amazon Desert?

The Amazon does not have any true deserts. It consists of tropical forests and rainforests.

Where would you find tropical rainy climate?

In tropical rainforests such as the Amazon Rainforest or the forset in Borneo.

Where are the places that have tropical rainforests?

Brazil is one of them.The Amazon rainforest.

A list of tropical rainforests?

rain forests like the amazon or daintree and the madagascan

How many rainforests are there in the Amazon?

The Amazon is a rainforest. It covers nine countries in South America. It represents over half of the rainforests of the world, it is also the largest tropical rainforest in the world.

Where do ornate horned frogs live?

They live in the tropical rainforests of Southern America, Brazil(Amazon)

How many animals and plants live in the amazon rainforests?

there are 20,000 animals and plants in the tropical rainforest.

What are some names of tropical rainforests?

Amazon in Brazilthe Congo rain foreststhe African rainforestsAlso the Daintree rainforest in Australia!Ituri RainforestKilum-Ijim ForestMadagascar lowland forestsHarapan RainforestAtlantic ForestHawaiian tropical rainforests

What are the different rainforests?

The Amazon Rainforest that the only one i know

What makes Amazon rainforests different from others?

its the largest in the world

What is the climate in the amazon rainforests?

Tropical Lots of sunshine and moisture make an excellent environment for plants and animals to thrive.

Do human beings live in rainforests?

Yes, some rainforests are located in Brazil and tropical places where humans live. There are also many tribes- in the Amazon there are 3 main tribes

Where are epiphyte's most common?

They are mostly common in Tropical Rainforests located in South East Asia, Amazon Basin,etc.

Does sloth live in the forest?

Yes, sloths live in the canopy of the Amazon rainforest and other tropical rainforests in South and Central America.

How is the Amazon rainforest different from other rainforests?

Its is different from other rainforests because it has different animals and plants living there and also they have different types of tribes living there as well and they have differerent physical and chemical changes

What are the 3 largest rainforests?

The 2 largest rainforests are: - The Amazon - The Congo

Do squirrels live in the amazon rainforests?

Yes, they do in the canopys of the rainforests.

What is the amazon rainforests popular color?

The color of rainforests is green.

What are rainforests?

Tropical rainforests are forests with tall tress, warm climate, and lots of rain. Tropical rainforests are found in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Central and South America. The largest rainforest in the world is the Amazon rainforest. They are found in tropics, the region between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. Each rainforest is unique but there are certatin features common to all tropical rainforests. Temperate rainforests occur in small pockets. A temperate rainforest will have over 1400 mm of rain per year. There is a large temperate rainforest in Washington state.

What is the biggests rainforests?


What is the latitude range of a tropicalrainforest?

Most tropical rainforests (such as the Congo rainforest and the Amazon rainforest), lie within about 20 degrees of the Equator either side.