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What are the entrance requirements for the University of Michigan School of Medicine?



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U of M Med School Entrance Requirements

    • Admission Requirements**

Each University of Michigan Medical School applicant must have completed:

* At least a four-year high school education, or equivalent, and * At least three years (90 semester hours) of course work in an accredited college or university within the United States or Canada. * Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

    • Recommended (Not Required) Coursework**

In addition to appropriate science preparation, the University of Michigan Medical School encourages students contemplating a career in the medical profession to select from among the following courses during their undergraduate years.

* Medical Anthropology * Medical Ethics * Medical Economics or Finance * Medical Sociology * Gender and Health * Health Policy * Health Services Research and Evaluation * Introduction to the American Health Care System * Comparative Health Care system * Psychology and Sociology of Aging * Other courses with similar titles

Courses offering a social science or philosophical context within which to understand the American health care system can provide future doctors with insights that are crucial to functioning most productively within our health care system.

The above list indicates minimum requirements but it should not be inferred that admission is probable for any applicant who meets them.

Since the many fields of medicine offer opportunities for those talented in both the humanities and the sciences, students should allow personal interests to dictate their choice of undergraduate major. In general, the study of a few subjects in depth is recommended. We also recommend courses in genetics and cell biology, as these topics contribute to preparation for the Medical School curriculum.