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The first answer below is a great one for pro, but a con is: change in culture. We once were Americans but eventually, America might become an almost complete population of Mexican. Now, i have nothing against Immigration i just read that in my history book at school. I have no problem with mexicans. JUST AN EXAMPLE.

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  • People can be happier living an easier life here.
  • There are the 2 main points of immigration, the US government likes illegal immigrants for cheap labor, but they don't like the immigration itself.
  • Some of the main pros of immigration in the US is the amount of foreigners who come to our country with new technology and new ideas for the future, their technology could be beneficial to us. Some of the main cons of immigration in the US are the increase in population, illiterate and poor immigrants lowering the GDP (gross domestic product) of our country. immigration is also lowering the standard of living in the US.

I don't think that culture should be added to the CONS since the United States has millions of people from all over the world including: Asia, South America, Mexico etc. in other words there is no true culture since there's many people coming from different places who practice different religions and so on.

Well, to my opinion, immigration is good. The pros of immigration is a better society such as, technology, new ideas for the future. Foreigners everywhere should be able to come to America when they want. There are Mexicans, Asians, Hispanics etc living in America. Why can't there be more. It was said that America is the "land of the free, home of the brave" so every one in other countries should be able to come and live a "new" life. Also, immigration can be bad. Alot of people in America can overcrowd it and there would be to many people and not enough resources. Also, some people are terrorist and it can harm the society and the people in it. Those are the pros and cons of immigrations. I hope this answered your question.

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Q: What are the main pros and cons to immigration in North America?
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