What are the percentages of shia and sufism and sunni in Islam?

sufi is not related to sect and can be found in both shia and sunni. but most of sufi leaders have been sunni.
sufi means paying more attention to spritual aspects of Islam.
sufi have many sect and many of them are deviated.
real sufi is very rare.

Twelver shia Muslims live in many countries. Iran is the main Shia county and the leader of Shia Islam in world. Twelver Shia Islam constitute the majority of the population in Iran (90%), Azerbaijan (75%), Bahrain (70%), Lebanon (65% of Muslims) and Iraq (65%), Yemen (45%). Other countries with a significant proportion of Shia are Syria (15%), Kuwait (35%), Pakistan (20%), India (23% of Muslims), Afghanistan (15%), Saudi Arabia (18%), Turkey (20%), United Arab Emirates (16%), Qatar (15%), Albania(25%).
other Muslim countries are mainly sunni with minor shia population. Qum in Iran and Najaf in iraq are two main city of Shia Islam.