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According to scientists studying such matters then some of the following may happen.

•An increase in the trapped heat will:

-Change and alter weather patterns

•Which in turn will:

-Result in some living things not being able to adapt to these changes which will hasten species extinction

-Influence length of seasons

-Lead to more, frequent and intense storms

-More rain, followed by longer and drier droughts, which will challenge the growth of crops.

-Ice sheets will melt which will potentially rise sea levels significantly and cause coastal flooding.

-The polar bears dying away

A:Global warming, sound so benign. Who would not want warmer winters and balmy summer days? But the long-term global trend to higher average temperatures poses a real risk to our economic and social well-being, as well as to the native creatures with which we share the planet.

Climate change is causing sea levels to rise. Not by much so far, but this is only the start. Higher sea levels, combined with the greater storm surges associated with climate change, will force people to abandon some prestige coastal properties. The inundation of New Orleans should have been a wake-up call, but many see this as a special case with no relevance elsewhere. Rich agricultural coastal flood plains will become salinated and unproductive.

Floods will become more frequent and more severe in some areas, while droughts will similarly become more frequent and more severe in others. Analysis of hurricane activity shows that severe hurricanes are becoming more frequent and more destructive, as a result of increased atmospheric thermal energy. Frequent storm damage to properties will cause insurance premiums to rise until some can no longer even afford to insure their houses.

Wildlife will suffer from loss of appropriate habitat and from heat stress. Some corals will die back as sea levels rise and they no longer receive sufficient sunlight, while others will be bleached by the rising temperatures and acidity.

A:Global Warming is a natural cycle of the earth, but in today's world, it has been sped up due to human activities. Pollution is a big contribution to global warming, since power plants and factories expel dangerous gases into the atmosphere. Believe it or not, Carbon dioxide is one of the most dangerous gases! We currently have an overload of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere, which retains the heat.( the UV rays from the sun can come to earth but since there is an overload of carbon dioxide in the 'sky', the uv rays (light) cannot escape causing global warming. The major consequences of global warming are as simple as: Hotter (longer) summers Colder (shorter) winters. If you look back a couple years ago, do you remember how long winter lasted? A lot longer than just last year i bet. Global warming is approaching very quickly and this issue needs to be seen by everyone. Though there are many involvements, and laws being placed if we do not reduce our gas emissions soon and by about (over) 80%, then there is a ice age. BUT Remember this is the NATURAL cycle of the earth, these human activities affecting (speeding up) the process is not good! A:The supposed effects are a higher Temperature and melting Polar ice caps, potential species extinction

Icebergs will melt -sea levels will rise - some lower places will get flooded. A lot of animals that will not be able to acclimatise will become extinct.

Global warming will cause the malfunction of most organisms in the future if close attention is not paid to it.It will contaminate most of our food and waters that we drink.
1. Rise in temperature

2. Rise in sea level.

3. Desertification.

4. Climate change.

5. Extinction of species.

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Q: What are the predicted consequences of global warming?
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What are the consequences of trying to stop global warming?

The consequences might be that we do manage to stop, or at least slow global warming. But if we don't try, then global warming definitely won't stop.

What does global warming have to do with increasing hurricanes of greater and greater force?

One of the predicted consequences of global warming is that "weather events" such as storms, hurricanes, droughts, floods, etc, will become "more frequent and more severe."

Do floods cause global warming?

No, but global warming is predicted to cause floods and may already have contributed to some of the recent record floods. Global warming is also predicted to cause prolonged droughts in other regions.

Consequences of ozone layer being depleted?

Consequences can be personal or global. Global ones are Floods, global warming.

What are environmental consequences of deforestation?

global warming

What are possible consequences of global warming?

There are various possible consequences of global warming. For example, the ice caps will melt and many parts of the world will be underwater.

What is an adjective for global warming?

You can use the phrase "global warming" as an adjective without changing it. Examples would be:The global warming problem is a serious one.The global warming effects go all round the world.The global warming consequences are not good for the Pacific Island countries.

Which is not a possible consequences of global warming?

reduction in secondary pollutants

How much might the consequences of global warming cost?

Much, much more than the cost of attempting to stop global warming.

What is a sentence with the words global warming?

Most climate scientists agree that global warming is caused by human activities. Scientists predict many worrying consequences if global warming is not stopped. Some people don't want to do anything about global warming.

What are the possible consequences of increasing CO input into the atmosphere?

global warming

What is the environmental consequences of an increase in the methane concentration in the atmosphere?

global warming

What effect is a likely result of global warming?

The following are known and predicted effects of global warming:Climate changeRising sea levelsSpecies extinction and loss of biodiversity.

What is the major contributing force behind global warming and what will be the consequences of this warming?

The major force behind global warming is the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity, which releases carbon dioxide. The consequences of global warming are climate change and all the dangers that this will bring. See the related question below.

How is global warming affecting flooding?

Global warming is melting glaciers and ice caps. The ocean waters are also warming and expanding. Both of these mean that sea levels are rising, predicted to flood low-lying countries and cities.

What are long term consequences of ozone depletion?

There are many long term consequences. Global warming, floods etc are some of the examples.

Will global warming really happen?

Yes. Global warming is not just something scientists predict to happen in the future - it is already happening now. The last ten years were the warmest since instrumental records began in 1850. The more severe consequences of global warming may still be off in the future, but global warming has started.

What is global warming warming?

The warming caused by Global Warming.

What are misconceptions about global warming?

Global warming is not important.Global warming isn't happening.Global warming is happening but it's not our fault.Global warming is happening but we can't do anything about it.Scientists are not sure about global warming.

What are the harmful effects of global warming?

The harmful effects of global warming are likely to include sea level rise and flooding, heat waves and famine. Storms are predicted to become more frequent and more severe.

What are the consequences to not recycling?

The consequences of not recycling are pollution, tipping, global warming and the resulting catastrophes of climate change. So make sure you recycle.

Does Al Gore think global warming is real?

Yes, Al Gore in convinced that global warming is real and a serious threat to the planet. He has spent time and energy educating people round the world about the causes and consequences of global warming. In 2006 he produced a movie "An Inconvenient Truth" which documents his campaign to bring global warming to the attention of the world.

What are consequences of an enhanced greenhouse effect?

The consequences of an enhanced greenhouse effect are that the earth is warming, globally. This global warming has many predicted consequences such as sea levels rising from the melting of ice caps and glaciers. Sea-level rise will threaten the survival of Pacific nations and will flood many coastal areas around the world. Weather events (storms, floods, droughts, tornadoes etc) will become more severe and more frequent.

What were the long term consequences of the industrial revolution for the environment?

The long-term consequences of the industrial revolution to the environment were increased climate change and global warming.

How does global warming affect us?

how does global warming affect us Global warming is a term used to describe a gradual increase in the earth's average ground and atmospheric temperatures in the whole worldThe effects of global warming are:Rising Sea LevelShrinking glaciersHeat WavesFloods and StormsDroughtDiseaseEconomic consequencesLoss of Bio-DiversityDestruction of EcosystemThese are a very few effects of global warming and there are lot more.