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What are the similarities in Olaudah Equiano and William Bradford?

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Which historical figure played a major role in the abolition of slavery in the British empire?

William Wilberforce

Who are the black campaigners in the slave trade?

Mary Prince, Olaudah Equiano, Ottobah Cugoano, Samuel Sharpe, William Cowper, Elizabeth Heyrich, John Newton and Granville

William Bradford vs William Bradford?

William Bradford.

Did Africa have slavery?

Yes. Slaves were brought on slave ships in terrible conditions to Britain. Many died on the way here itself. Many people were against it and it was eventually abolished. Some of the most famous abolitionists were Thomas Clarkson, Hannah More, Olaudah Equiano, Granville Sharp, Mary Prince, Elizabeth Hayrick and William Wilberforce. Mary Prince and Olaudah Equiano were slaves and both published books about their lives.

Where was William Bradford from?

William Bradford was English originally

Who abolished the slave trade?

There were several people involved in various countries of the world. One notable name is William Wilberforce. Some other people who helped out were Thomas Clarkson and olaudah equiano. Google them you find out loads! ;)

What is bradfords correct name?

William Bradford William Bradford

Who is William Bradford and what did he do?

William Bradford was the leader of Plymouth Colony!

What did William Bradford wear?

william bradford wore clothes

Was William Bradford an immigrant?

William Bradford was an immigrant from England

When was William Bradford born?

William Bradford was born on March 19, 1590.

Who is William Bradford?

William Bradford of the Plymouth plantaion is the creator of bradfords notebook

When did William Bradford die?

William Bradford died May 9, 1657.

Did William Bradford have a son?

William Bradford had a son, John, in 1618, I believe.

Was William Bradford a colonial leader?

Yes, william bradford was a colonial leader

When was William Richard Bradford born?

William Richard Bradford was born in 1948.

When did William Bradford Reed die?

William Bradford Reed died in 1876.

When was William Bradford Reed born?

William Bradford Reed was born in 1806.

When was Bradford William LePage born?

Bradford William LePage was born in 1876.

When did Bradford William LePage die?

Bradford William LePage died in 1958.

Which colony did William Bradford found?

William Bradford was the founder of the Plymouth colony located in Massachusetts. William Bradford founded the Plymouth colony in 1620.

When was William G. Bradford born?

William G. Bradford was born in 1925.

Who created Thanksgiving?

William Bradford, William Bradford mentioned the first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans

What is William Bradford Huie's birthday?

William Bradford Huie was born on November 13, 1910.

When was William Bradford Huie born?

William Bradford Huie was born on November 13, 1910.