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Caution:On models equipped with Delco-Loc 2 or Theftlock audio systems make sure you have activation code

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable
  • Drain the cooling system
  • Disable the airbag system.Disconnect the forward discriminating sensor harness from the front fenderwell.It may be necessary to remove the hood latch mechanism in conjunction with the airbag sensor and secure them together and out of the way during the radiator removal
  • Remove the cooling fan assembly
  • Disconnect the upper and lower radiator hoses from the radiator then disconnect the coolant recovery hoses at the radiator neck
  • Remove the automatic transaxle cooler lines if equipped from the left tank of the radiator
  • Remove the hood latch support from the upper tie bar on the front of the engine compartment
  • Remove the right and left headlight assemblies from the vehicle
  • Remove the condensar mounting bolts from the radiator assembly
  • Remove the tie bar (crossbeam) from the engine compartment
  • The radiator can be removed from the top with some wiggling to clear various components

I just changed one in my daughters car I can tell you one thing it was a pain in the )(**&&) to change all day job.

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Q: What are the steps for removing the radiator in a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?
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What are the steps to remove and replace the engine on a 1998 Pontiac sunfire?

There are way too many steps involved to this procedure to post a response in this forum. Do yourself a favour and buy a chiltons or haynes manual for about $20.

What are the steps to remove and then replace the transmission on a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire?

This is a big job. You're going to want a shop manual that gives you all the required steps and photos. Haynes or Chilton will probably do just fine.

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Where is the fuel pump located on a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe?

Sunfire fuel pumps are located inside the fuel tank. Replacing them requires the draining and removal of the fuel tank. If you're undertaking this job yourself, definitely pick up a Haynes or Chilton manual for your car. This will give you all of the steps with photos.

What are the steps to remove then replace the transmission on a 2002 Pontiac sunfire?

It's hard to be specific here. Go to your local parts store and pick up a Chilton or Haynes manual for your car. Either one will have very good directions with pictures.

Where is the radiator drain plug located on a Pontiac Sunfire A reason to ask this question is both to find the location as well as clarify that no proprietary steps are involved like 3-4 turn 2 open?

it is on the left hand side of the radiator facing the road ahead of the car. when you are looking at the little 3/4" round fitting that has a blade across it.... rotate it one quarter turn counter clockwise, the pull towards you. the initial twist unlocks the petcock, and pulling it lets loose the coolant, so be ready.

How do you check fuel pressure in a 1997 Sunfire?

The fuel pressure gauge will help you check the fuel pressure in a 1997 Sunfire. When the pressure is low their is a repair manual which advises on what steps to take.

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Do you have to remove the battery in a 2001 Pontiac sunfire to change the drivers side headlight bulb?

No, you do not have to remove the battery. Just remove the 2 bolts (1/2 socket) on the top and pull out the whole assembly. Then undo the big plastic nut and remove bulb and redo steps to install.

How do you replace head gasket 2002 2.2 L Pontiac Sunfire?

Go buy a manual from your local parts store. Like most auto repairs, it involves multiple detailed steps. Read up on what you need to do, and which tools you'll require. After that, decide whether you have the skills, time, and tools to undertake it.

Steps to replace the Radiator for a 2003 mini cooper?

There are many. Start buy draining by removing the plastic shield under the car behind the bumper. you then have to remove the bumper cover and loosen the front of the bumper assembly. From there the radiator and fan are connected to each other. Disconnect all hoses clamps and brackets then it will come out. For more details I suggest North American Motoring for all MINI info.

What steps do you take to replace a Radiator on a 1990 Toyota Corolla?

At they'll provide you with diagrams and instructions. First look for the item, in this case a radiator, and the list will appear along with a link on how to removal and install.

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How do you replace the radiator on a 1996 Dodge Stratus 4-cylinder 4 door front wheel drive car?

You have to drain the coolant either from the radiator drain or disconnecting the lower hose. You then have to disconnect/unbolt the electric fan. The coolant hoses at the radiator needs to be disconnected. Lastly the radiator needs to be unbolted, then lifted out. The new radiator can be installed the steps reversed, coolant topped off and bleed of any air.

How do you replace the tail light in a 2000 Pontiac sunfire?

If u have carpet lining in the trunk like I do then when u open the trunk pull the liner behind the bulb u want to replace and the bulb socket should be there...twisting the bulb counter clockwise an eighth of a turn should pull it loose, pull the socket out and replace the bulb then put it back in and follow the previous steps in reverse

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first drain all anti freeze out of your radiator then undo fan shroud. Next you will have to undo radiator hoses supply and return, then undo the four bolts holding the radiator in once bolts are out just slide it right out the top. TIP: when putting radiator hoses back on or taking them off spraying WD-40 inside the hoses will make putting them back on or taking them off easier. To put radiator in repeat steps backwards.

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