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Europe and the Pacific.

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Q: What are the two main places World War 2 was fought?
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Places they fought in the Vietnam War?

they fought in a number of places all over Vietnam one of the main places are Saigon

Where was the World War 1 fought?

WW1 was a global war. It was fought in the trenches in Europe, Gallipoli, various places in Africa, naval battles around the world, China etc.

What were the main countries that fought in world war 2?

Germany, Russia and sweeden

What and where were the main battles of world war 1 fought?

Japan America And Britain

Which wars did Germany fight in?

Germany have fought in many wars. The main ones are; World War 1, World War 2

What main battles were fought in France?

i world war two meella and timbakto fought with jamaka and france with the british in ww2

Did every country fight in the World War 2?

Not every country fought in World War II. The main countries that fought in World War II were the US, UK, France, and China, versus Germany, Italy and Japan.

In ww2the islands near Australia where a main battle was fought were the?

In World War II, the islands near Australia where a main battle was fought were the ________. solomon islands

What was the main conflict in world war 1?

Tests of militarism and imperialism were the main conflicts being fought over.

Who fought in world war 3?

World war three has not been fought yet.

What places where fought in America in World War 2?

Only place was at pearl harbor on one day.

In World War 2 the islands near Australia where a main battle was fought were the?

Solomon island

What were the two main countries that the US fought during World War 2?

Germany and Japan.

In which year was the first world war fought?

World War I was fought between 1914 and 1918.

Who was the world war fought against?

World War 1 was fought against primarily Germany.

What were the main two countries that fought in the World War 1?

Germany against the Allied Powers, there wasn't a main opponent for the Allies.

What kind of armaments were used in World War 2?

It was fought aerial. Which means that they used planes to bomb places.

Who were US enemys in world war 2?

The main countries that the US fought in World War 2 were considered the "Axis Powers." They were Germany, Japan, and Italy.

What did Albert Einstein suggest World War lV be fought with?

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." ~ Albert Einstein

Who were the main countries who fought against G Germany in world war 1?

I think it was England and France.

What countries fought on the German side during World War 2?

Main ones is Italy,Austria

What was the main conflict about in World War 2?

To water it down as much as possible, there were two main conflicts World War II was fought over: 1) Who would dominate Europe, and then the world, and . . . 2) Who would dominate the Pacific, and then the world.

Where was the World War 1 in Australia?

World War 1 was not fought in Australia. It was fought mostly in Europe.

Were was World War I fought?

World war one was fought -->In GallipoliIn FranceIn BelgiumIn MonsAnd Somme

Which years World War 1 was fought?

world war one fought from the years of 1914-1918