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What are your rights if you bought a lemon from a private individual?

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Your state may have a lemon law, which could give you some recourse. And if there was fraud involved (the seller lied), you have a civil claim. You might sue in small claims court if it's a relatively small amount, or hire a lawyer if it was a more expensive car.

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AnswerActually there are only 6 states which have Used Car Lemon Laws, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York to be exact. Each of the mentioned states have different definitions of what actually qualifies as a "Lemon". You should visit the official DMV for more information and procedures if you live in one of the 6 mentioned States.
2011-10-18 23:00:20
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What can you do if you bought a lemon from a private person in Toronto?

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In Kansas if you buy a car and it has problems you didnt discover before you bought it what r your rights?

Look up the lemon law for kansas. Most states have a three day lemon law.

Does the lemon law in Washington state apply for used cars bought by a private party?

Yes I believe it applies every where in the U.S. Since it is sold as is you can not sue someone.

Is private sales part of a lemon law?


Can you return a used car to a private party?

Usually no because most private party purchases are made to purchase as-is unless you have something stating otherwise; of course you can always go back and ask but unless you are extremely lucky and the guy is nice you bought his lemon.

Does the Lemon Law apply to Private Party sales in WI?

The lemon law only applies to new vehicles.

I bought a used car from this man and it was a lemon it broke down and he replaced it with another lemon. Can i take him to small claims court?

Yes, you can. If you just bought it from some guy, you're probably not going to get anywhere. If you bought it from a car dealership you might have a claim.

What options do you have when you buy a used car from a dealership and then the engine dies and is unable to be fixed?

Sounds like you bought a lemon. Check out the lemon law.

if you bought a used car still under warrenty does the lemon law still appls?

Lemon Law applies no matter what the warranty says.

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Is there a lemon law on used cars with a warranty of 3 months?

No, the lemon law is not for used cars. It is for a new car you bought that is a lemon and a car that the dealer is unable to repair. Check with you state Attorney General for the details of your states lemon law.

does the lemon law only go toward new cars in the state of neavada?

The lemon law applies to any motor vehicle bought in the state of Nevada.

What are the Lemon Law requirements?

It usually applies to something you buy. If you bought something recently and it is not as described then the lemon law comes into effect. It protects you from having to have a faulty product.

What does lemon law say about returning a new car you bought?

There are so many options and variables needed to answer this question. Try the link from consumer affairs to the lower left concerning lemon laws. If you think you have a good case, mention this to the people who you bought the car from or consult legal advice. Good Luck! Be very careful--it is a common misconception that folks can just return a car back to the dealer under the lemon law--you have to file a claim, be it with the BBB or a consumer attorney. Know your rights. For more info, visit my bio page.

What are your options if you buy a lemon from a person and not a car dealer?

Slim to none. Usually cars bought via private party are sold 'as is', which means the seller makes no warranties to the vehicles condition or mechanical problems. In other words, WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get - no more, and no less.

What is lemon law in California?

Lemon law in California is a law that that deals with defective items, mostly vehicles, and the rights of the consumer as well. This prevents people from abusing the system.

I bought a car from a dealer in Richmond - VA. The car has a large leak on the transmission. The dealer refused to fix it and said he will pay for half of the repairs. What are my legal rights?

Most states have no "lemon law" on used automobiles. Most used vehicles are sold "as-is". Chances are, you have no legal rights and the dealer is trying to help you.

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What is a Lemon Law buyback title?

A lemon law buyback title is when a car is sold by a dealer or private seller with defects or problems that they knew about but did not tell the buyer on purchase. This protects against scams.

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What is the lemon law and how is it used?

The lemon law is a law protecting car buyers from used car purchases. If a vehicle is not as reliable as it is represented, the buyer has certain legal rights to pursue if they choose to do so.

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