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What can you do if you want to live with your dad and he said it was okay but your mom said you can't until you are 16?


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You are a young adult and your mother should sit down and communicate why you can't live with your father. Don't be so quick to blame mom! Perhaps your father is busy at work and can't be around to raise a teenage son. It's even better if you can get both your parents to sit down with you and explain the situation. They do love you but they also owe you an explanation! Under 16 and believe you are ready for such decisions? I think setting an age limit is a reasonable thing to do. Your parents, perhaps with the help of a judge, made a determination about what would be the best parent for you to grow up with. Many factors were taken into consideration. As to 'owing' you an explanation, I have to disagree. A parent doesn't 'owe' their kids anything. They should provide love, a good home atmosphere, and support and maintenance through their majority. Yes, this young man deserves an explanation because he is classified as a young adult and yes his parents owe him some reasoning so he can get on with his life. Divorce is hard on kids and to them it's "mom and dad" and whatever is between the parents is understandable between them, but where does that leave the kids in the family? Stuck choosing between two parents and not knowing who to believe or if they are the cause of it and why doesn't the other parent want them. The adults have all the information, but the teenager does not! I still say to the poster who asked the question to go for it!