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Most people are uncomfortable with death, especially when it deals with an infant. Many people say stupid things to parents like, "you can always have another," "it was the will of God," or something else that does not help the parent. Just say you're sorry for their loss, and if you want to do more ASK what you can do. If you can help with funeral arangements, returning clothes, driving to support meetings, and just handing over wads of tissue as needed, you are helping. If you can't help, keep in touch but don't stick around. Time takes the edge of the frequency of the pain away but the death of the child will always be a raw nerve. It does help to ask questions like "what type of baby was he?" or "can you show me some pictures of her?" The SIDS parent is often in a haze after the death, but they do remember the little things. I am a SIDS parent. I know they wanna here they did not cause the death — some parents think they did. They want to hear the baby's name & hear you talk about the baby. Never, ever say "I know how you feel I lost (a dog, a parent, etc.)." The loss of a baby is the worst feeling in the world. They wanna hear you care. We want you to LISTEN most of all. LISTEN to what we have to say. We don't want advice, just someone to talk to about such a tragic loss. We want to know you care. Don't avoid them, it is one of the worst things you can do. Just let them know you care about them & their BABY.

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Q: What can you say to parents of SIDS victims?
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Can SIDS occur while baby is held by parent?

Yes SIDS can occur while holding a baby! It has also happened with a baby awake in the parents arms. you.

Are SIDS and apnea related?

SIDS is not the same as apnea. Many people have apnea and apnea has killed infants. Infants with apnea can be resuscitated. An apnea monitor (AKA cot monitor) can detect when a SIDS victim stops breathing � but remember, a SIDS victim is already dead when that happens. Note: Infants with apnea usually are placed on apnea monitors for apnea, not to prevent the unpreventable. And many SIDS parents do use apnea monitors on subsequent children � this has mainly a placebo effect on the parents. No, they are not. You can revive a baby that has apnea if it is not too late. A SIDS baby you can't revive. SIDS is undetectable and you never know when it will hit. With apnea a baby can stop breathing and start again. SIDS is totally different.

Risk factor of smokingfor SIDS?

The exact connection has not been identified but the research has shown there are a greater number of babies that die from sids when the parents smoked while pregnant and even after the baby is born.

Who can you contact for more information about SIDS?

SIDS Alliance: (800) 221-SIDS San Diego Guild for Infant Survival: (619) 222-9662 California SIDS program: (800) 369-SIDS SIDS Massachusetts Center: (617) 534-SIDS i am doing a reseach about sids and i have to have all differtant thing about itcan you send me paper about it please

How is SIDS treated?

SIDS can't be treated. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So if your child had SIDS that means your child is now dead. There are ways to prevent SIDS from occurring though.

Does SIDS effect victims when they are older?

Sudden infants death syndrome usually happens bellow 2 years of age.Just placed your baby lying on her/his back.

How can you tell if your baby has SIDS or any signs of SIDS?

There are no signs to tell if your baby will pass to SIDS. SIDS is sudden & silent & unexpected. There is no way to tell until your baby is gone.

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In the acronym SIDS what does the you stand for?

SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Sydrome.

Can smoking cause SIDS?

Smoking doesn't cause SIDS. I lost a baby to SIDS in 2003 and I didn't smoke. There are remarks that it could be related but because no one knows what causes SIDS everyone just speculates.There is a strong correlation between parental smoking and SIDS.

When toddlers die from SIDS do they have marks on their heads?

Toddlers do not die of SIDS. After six months of age, SIDS is extremely rare. The acronym SIDS stands for Sudden INFANT Death Syndrome. Toddlers do not die of SIDS. Marks anywhere on the body of a dead infant would be cause for a coroners examination and possible inquiry.

Is REM sleep deprivation associated with SIDS?

Is REM sleep deprivation associated with SIDS?

If you had a child die from SIDS can your granddaughter have the same problem?

No, SIDS is not a heredity or genetic disease.

What is the treatment for SIDS?

There is no treatment for SIDS, only identification of risk factors and preventive measures.

What is a SIDS event?

A SIDS event is when an infant dies for no apparent reason usually in their sleep.

Is SIDS caused by colds?

SIDS is not caused by colds. Many infants get their first runny nose around four months. A SIDS victim can die WITH a cold but not FROM a cold.

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What is the cause for SIDS?

SIDS basically translates as "your baby just died for no good reason we can find." In other words, if doctors knew the cause, it wouldn't be SIDS, it would be whatever the actual cause was.

What age do you stop worrying about SIDS?

Since SIDS is happens to Infants, and infants are children before they can talk, then when you can walk.

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I can find none. SIDS is when babies die for unknown reasons.

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