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Q: What can you use instead of ground coriander?
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Can you sub ground coriander for fresh coriander leaves?

No you can't. Fresh coriander is when you use the leaves and ground coriander uses the seed of the plant. Their flavour is quite different from each other.

What can you use to substitute ground coriander?

Coriander is cilantro seeds so I would use cilantro

How much ground coriander to use for 1 bunch of fresh?

They are not equivalent. Ground coriander is the seed whereas fresh coriander is the leaf of the plant. They are different flavors and cannot be substituted.

Do not have ground coriander what can you use?

cumin or omit it

How much fresh coriander do you use instead of dried?

The general answer for herb and spice conversions is 3 parts of fresh for 1 part of dried. For example, if a recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of dried coriander leaf (also known as cilantro leaf), use 3 tablespoons of fresh instead. However, this conversion does not work for anything that is ground, such as coriander seed. This formula is only for whole spices or herbs.

Can you subsitute ground coriander for whole coriander?

The flavour should still be the same so yes. However, if you are using coriander to add colour, then it is best to use whole, fresh coriander.

How much fresh coriander is equal to dried coriander?

Use 1 tbsp dried coriander for 3 tbsp freshly chopped.

What is ground coriander in Spanish?


What can you use instead of cilantro?

Vietnamese coriander is very much like cilantro and makes an excellent substitute as does coriander and parsley

What is the ratio for substituting ground coriander for coriander seeds in a recipe?

One teaspoon coriander seeds equals one teaspoon ground coriander.

Can you use cilantro instead of kale?

Cilantro is coriander, to use this to replace a green vegetable would be a little strange. How about cabbage?

10 grams coriander seeds equals how many teaspoons ground coriander?

6 grams of coriander seeds =how mady grams of coriander powder

What does ground coriander taste like?

Ground Coriander gives a spicy, somewhat nutty and citrus flavor. It can give a zesty pep to many dishes.

Equivalent amount of ground cilantro to fresh cilantro?

Ground coriander

Which part of the plant is coriander?

Native to Argentina and Morocco, coriander is the round light brown seed of the cilantro leaf. Coriander is available in whole seeds or ground.

Can ground coriander seed be subsituted for coriander leaves?

Not if you want it to taste the same! The leaf of the same plant is cilantro.

Are coriander and oregano the same?

Coriander and oregano are not the same. Coriander and cilantro are the same, however. Generally people use the term coriander when referring to the seed and cilantro when referring to the grown plant.

How much does a teaspoon of ground coriander weigh?

2 grams

What can be substituted for cumin in bean recipes?

Ground coriander, oregano.

Where does ground coriander come from?

Corriander is ground from the fruit of the cilantro plant. Cilantro is an herb (made from the leaf or stems of plants), while coriander is a spice (made from grinding the seeds or berries of plants).

Can you use ground allspice instead of whole allspice?

You can indeed.

What spice can be used in place of ground cumin?

Fajita seasoning/Coriander

Can you substitute coriander powder for coriander seeds?

Yes, just reduce the amount you use.

How do you use coriander?

Coriander seed is an ingredient in Indian dishes. Usually the seed is ground into a powder, and it may be used along with turmeric powder and cumin powder, plus other ingredients. Whole coriander seeds are used in making pickles. You can make a tea out of coriander seeds by steeping a spoonful in a cup of boiling water; this is said to be a good remedy when you have a cold. Adding some fresh grated ginger root makes it even better.

How much ground coriander equals 1 tablespoon of fresh?

1 teas