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What causes 2000 Blazer turn signal relay to click constantly without activating the bulbs Bulbs work fine otherwise?

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Wear and Tear on the turn signal switch. The switch that is multi function switch and has the cruise, signals, high beam, window washer, and wipers etc. By the way, the 4 way hazaeds are part of it too.

Brass contact particles wear off the internals of the switch and mix with the di-electric grease that is used as a lubricant inside the switch. This mixture of grease and brass once it gets bad enough can create enough continuity within the switch to fire the relay but not effect anything else except it drives most people crazy.

The relay is behind the glove compartment box and generally is not the problem.

It will click with no consistancy at all and will often slow down or stop completely when the brake is applied. The brake light circuit goes through the signal switch because the signal lights are the same bulbs as the brake lights. When the brake is applied, it usually takes enough of this transient voltage away to shut the thing up.

I just did mine and it takes about 2 hours to make the change for an above average home mechanic. Cost of part on the internet is about $100.00

You can clean the existing one but with no promise it will work so honestly it is alot of work and $100 and not having to remove it twice is worth the spend.

Calgary, Alberta.

2011-09-13 22:20:36
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Q: What causes 2000 Blazer turn signal relay to click constantly without activating the bulbs Bulbs work fine otherwise?
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