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Most water heaters have what is called a "sacrafical annode." This is fitted to save the heater from "agressive" water, hence the use of the word sacrafical. The Annode is sacraficed to save the heating vessel. If there is even a tiny amount of hydrogen sulphide (H2s) present in the water, the annode rod will make the problem worse and heated water will smell like rotten eggs. Try removing the annode rod and I bet it will be the end of your problem. Please note that removing the rod may affect your warrenty. I would love to know if this helps, I am pretty sure it will. Regards, Metroman

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What causes Water leak on inside floor of 2003 dodge durango?

Your heater core is leaking you probably also noticed the heater may not be working as well.

What causes an empty water heater?

No water supply

What causes water inside the passenger side of a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe?

Either the heater core is leaking, the windshield is leaking, or there is a leak around the cowl. If the water tastes sweet it is a leaking heater core.

Why you have water inside Renault megane?

? Heater matrix?

Is the glass a lining inside the tank of a water heater?

yes and when it breaks your water heater will leak when the steel tank rust.

What are the causes of water heater leaks?

broken tank / condensation

Does water grow and develop?

Water causes to grow but itself is lifeless.

Why is there water inside Chevrolet Surburban?

roof or heater core leaking roof or heater core leaking

What is a heater core?

The heater core is a small radiator inside the car under the dash that hot water circulates through to heat the inside of the car.

What would cause a water heater to leak inside the case?

It rusted out

Do you develop a deeper tan inside or outside of the water?

From my experience, I think in the water.

Why does the water heater moan after use?

This could either be due to the age or the materials used to make the water heater or the fact that the water heater has not been installed with vacuum breakers causing the geyser to collapse from the inside-out due to incorrect atmospheric pressure within the water heater

What causes rock to break by freezing water inside it's cracks?

When water freezes it expands. This process creates pressure inside of the rock, which causes it to burst open from the inside.

If water is coming out on the inside of firewall passanger side could it be a cloged heater core?

its the heater core. but its not clogged. its cracked

What causes the pressure in the hot water heater?

The water enters in a cold state & is a certain physical volume. Once heated the water expands slightly within its container (the heater) & therefore applies pressure within the heater or more to the point against the wall of the heater.

How do you know wheather your hot water heater have a bladder inside it?

They don't have bladders in them

What causes osmotic pressure to develop in a cell?

the water pressure that develops in a solution as a result of osmosis and because of the different in concentration between two fluids inside of a semipermeable membrane

What are causes for water inside of light bulbs?


What causes hot water heater in my home to give off fumes?

Firstly a water heater is a concealed unit and all joints are meant to be leak proof. Sounds like there is a leak somewhere in the water heater. Get a plumber to investigate and fix where necessary.

What causes a hot water heater element to short out?

if an element is constantly expanding and contracting (if you keep switching the hot water heater off and on again) all the time it causes cracks and over time the water leaks into the element causing it to short which means you have to replace it.

What causes water on passenger floor board of 2005 Chevrolet impala?

Heater. Core

What does hard water do to your water heater?

Causes mineral deposits that inhibit heat transfer thus robbing you of fuel

What makes heat come and stay in a box?

A very basic answer is: The hot water the engine produces is circulated thru the heater core. The heater core looks like the autos radiator only smaller. The heater core is located inside the heater box. So as the engines hot water circulates thru the heater core the heat will transfer into the heater box. As long as the engine is running and everything is working properly the heater core will stay hot inside the heater box.

What does the water pump have to do with the heater?

The water pump moves the coolant around the system so the heat can be transferred inside.

Where is the heater control valve on a Chrysler Sebring?

The heater output temperature is regulated by airflow control doors inside the dash, not a water valve.

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