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to much fuel. gm jim Fuel to air mixture too rich or choke stuck on.

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Q: What causes a car to make Black Smoke?
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What causes black smoke in a car?

Black smoke from an engine is caused by unburnt fuel.

What causes too much fuel to the amount of air getting black smoke think that is why?

Black smoke in your exhaust is a sign of your car burning oil. You should have a qualified mechanic inspect your car and make the proper adjustments.

What causes a car to make white smoke from under the hood?

white smoke can be either your car overheating, or smoke from an electrical issue

What are some possible causes of black smoke coming out of a car exhaust?

Black smoke coming out of the exhaust of a car is usually due to oil being burned in the engine's cylinders. This can be caused by a worn piston ring or rings.

What causes black smoke coming out of a car?

The most probable cause is combustion of a rich mixture of fuel.

Will bad spark plugs make a car smoke out the tailpipe?

No it shouldnt, it will however make it harder for the car to start... typically, black smoke from the tail pipe means you have an oil leak somewhere

What causes a diesel car to emit alot of black smoke and engine misfire and run poorly?

one of the causes of all three symptoms is a bad fuel injector

What will do if your car produces black smoke?

take it to the car shop

What are ways that the environment causes cancer?

the environment causes cancer because the car pollute the air also when people smoke the smoke goes in there lungs and that causes second hand smoke

How do you get black smoke out of a petrol engine?

you mean the car าผxhaust?

Why does Black smoke always come out the exhaust of my 1987 ford ranger?

because its a terrible car mad , if the smoke is black the car wants to die , take it out of its miysery

What causes white smoke when you start the car in the morning?


What would make jumper cables spark and smoke?

They will definitely spark only if they are connected incorrectly meaning one car you put black on black red on red and the other car you put red on black and black on red a BIG NO NO

What causes black smoke to come for the tailpipe of a 1994 Lincoln Town Car?

Black smoke usually indicates an overly rich fuel/air mixture. In other words the engine is getting too much fuel or it is not being burned properly. Blue smoke is oil burning. White smoke is coolant in the combustion chamber.

Could gas make a car smoke?

Possibly if there is some water in the fuel. You will also see black smoke if the fuel/air mixture is too rich. White smoke is coolant in the combustion chamber and blue smoke is oil burning.

Can a car with black smoke coming out of it blow up?


Smoke from car?

The color of the smoke will help identify the problem. Blue smoke is engine or transmission oil. Black smoke, excess fuel. White smoke, engine coolant.

How do you repair black smoke from your car silencer?

Replace the air filter

Black smoke in car?

a blown head gasket most likely.

Why do black smoke comes out from the car's exhaust pipe?

Black smoke means the engine consumes too much gas - possible problem with fuel injection.

Why is car blowing black smoke?

It is the car running too rich. or the car is using more gas than air.

Why would a car smoke when it idles and stop running?

Blue smoke is oil burning, White is steam(water), Black smoke is unburnt fuel.

Why does your car smoke when idling?

Blue smoke = excessive motor oil. Black smoke = excessive fuel. White smoke = engine coolant

Why is my car blowing black an blue smoke and no power?

your car leaked oil into the combustion chamber. blue smoke= burnt oil, the loss of power is from inproper combustion

What causes a car to emit large amount of white smoke?

A blown head gasket

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