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The transmission on a Saab 900 is mounted directly on the bottom of the engine. That clanking is likely coming from a broken tooth on a gear.

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Q: What causes a clanking noise under the motor of a 91 Saab in low gear?
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What causes a whining noise under the dash when AC or Defroster is used?

Bearing in blower motor?

What causes a vehicle to make a noise that sounds like an exhaust leak or valve tappet noise when the motor has a load on it that it does not make when reved up in neutral?

check the cadillidic converter under the car.

What causes tappet noise in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

alot of times people mistake a tapping or thumping noise under the hood is the engine, when it is actually a purge control motor on drivers side fender. find it and see if the timing to your taping is the same. good luck.

What does it mean when green fluid is under the ac and it makes a noise when you run the motor?

If by motor you mean the engine. If the car is running and it's not making much noise turn in the a/c in the car and if the noise gets worse I would replace your air conditioning pp

Wipers dont move but the motor makes the noise?

There is a problem with wiper transmission which is what moves the arms & is under the cowl.

What are possible causes of a very loud constant noise in a ford focus 2003?

Not enough info. What kind of noise? Coming from where? Under what situation(s) does it occur?

Why causes my 1994 GMC Sierra to have a clicking noise under the passenger side of the dash only lasts for 20 seconds after truck is started and again for 20 seconds when the truck is turned off?

Fresh air vent motor

What causes constant squealing noise under the hood of a 2000 Suburban?

Most common culprit is a slipping belt.

What causes a grinding noise under the car?

that could be a variety of things, wheel bearings, u joints, rear end...

What is the grinding noise from the fan under the hood in front of the motor?

grinding noise from the fan is a bad bearing on either the fan or the water pump.have it checked before it lets go and goes thru radiator

What causes a whistling noise on a dodge caravan under acceleration?

The noise can be comming from the weather stripping around the door, the wind passing past the antenna or from the wind around the luggage rack on acceleration.

Jeep clicking noise under dash after turned off?

its the hvac blend door motor crunching up the doors if you have the digital climate control

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