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it could be because the timing belt went

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What is a perfect sentence for stall?

I'm not trying to stall you, I'm just trying to come up with a perfect sentence for stall. The mare is in the stall.

A horse is kept in a?

Paddock when outside and a stall when they come in. The stall is in a barn, which is on a farm.

What causes a 97 Ford Taurus to stall?

A very low idle can cause a 97 Ford Taurus to stall. Another reason for stalling may be transmission bands sticking, which does not allow the transmission to come out of gear on idle.

Why does your jeep tj wrangler stall when you come to a stop?

Your Jeep Wrangler is not getting the proper amount of gas if it stalling when you come to a complete stop. This could be your fuel pump, fuel lines, or the intakes.

How can you tell where the slope is steep just by looking at contour lines?

Where the slope is steep the contour lines will come close together.

What causes a Mazda b2000 to stall when you come to a stop?

check your O2 sensors.. my 2300 did it when i first got it and all i did was clean out the top O2 sensor with some carborator cleaner and it ran fine after.

What specific bird did contour feathers come from?

Contour feathers are found on every bird. They are not linked to any specific type of bird. Hope this answers your question! :)

Did ford contour svt come in 4 cylinder engine?

I was looking at the 1998 and 2000 Contour SVT supplements and in both it shows the 2.5 liter V6 engine

Why is your 1987 Chevy Celebrity stall when is come to a stop?

This sounds like an idle problem. Does the service engine light come on before the engine stalls? If it does it should post a code. Knowing what that code is could lead to a more accurate assessment of the problem. Does the engine idle ok before you put the car in gear? Does the engine restart and idle ok after the stall? There are multiple possible causes for the stall. The IAC, idle air controller, could simply be dirty and not delivering enough air for the engine to run. If the MAF, mass air flow sensor, if faulty or dirty that might cause the engine to stall. If the Oxygen sensor is faulty that could cause a stall and generally poor running as well. It may be possible that if the TPS, throttle position sensor, is faulty that could cause the engine to stall at idle speed. If you have found out what the problem is I would be interested to know for future reference.

What causes the clutch to grind in reverse on a 1987 S10?

if u keep your foot on the gas a little it will grind till u come to a complete stop then it will go into gear smoothly not coming to a complete stop before shifting out of reverse

What is a good asking price for a 1995 Ford Contour that is being bought by a junk yard?

if the 1995 ford contour is not running (transmission or engine is bad )a good price for it is $ 75 and they have to come to you and pick up the car.

What causes an eagle talon tsi to stall and not start after is runs and warms up and start again after it cools?

The Oxygen sensor, or the IAT Sensor is telling you Ecu to shut down the car. Its running to hot. Or you have a pressure hose that has a leak or has come off.

How do cows know which stall to go into in the barn?

It's something they've learned over time. It may have a trace of their scent after they've come in from outside, and know that what stall that smells like their own is their own.

What could cause my 1997 Chevy 3500 engine to stall when the brake is pushed?

Does this happen when you come to a complete stop or while you are coming to a stop? Is this Truck Automatic or Standard? Brake booster could be something, Torque Converter Clutch Valve not disengaging(Automatic).

What causes battery light to come on On a 98 Ford Expedition?

what causes the battery light to on a 2005 ford expedition to come on?

Will a loose gas cap cause your car to stall?

no but in most late models your check engine light come on

Is 2.32 km in 10 mins good?

No, at that speed your combat aircraft will stall and come crashing down to the ground.

What causes the brake tail and backup lights on a 98 Ford Contour to stop working besides the fuses and bulbs?

Since these are two different circuits, but involving the same wire loom, either a ground has come loose from the loom and trunk somewhere, or the gang plug has come loose around the inside of the back of the trunk, or under the bumper.

How do you get come come paradise in pockie ninja?

you need to complete all come come paradise quests

Should a driver come to a complete stop at a red light even though there is no sign to stop at the red light?

The red light is the sign to come to a complete stop. That's what a red light means. Come to a complete stop!!

What causes antifreeze to come out the overflow?

when your engine is hot it causes the water to boil and the water and the anti freeze will come out of the overflow pipe.

How much time do you have to spend taking care of your horse?

It depends. If you keep him in a stall your time will probably double. With stall cleaning and the rest of chores that come with horse ownership at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day.

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