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Could be the Power Steering pump.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-16 22:23:13
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Q: What causes a loud squeal with a sharp turn of the steering wheel to the left or right only?
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What causes the 1992 Honda Accord to squeal when starting?

A loose belt. Most likely the alternator belt, if it doesn't squeal when you make a sharp turn.

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Why sometimes 1981 k3500 Chevy turn left steering to sharp an not enough right an then moves?

The arm on the steering box may be installed incorrectly. also some trucks have a adjustable steering rod. The rod that runs from the steering box to the axle. Could meed adjustment.

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you could be putting to much force on the wheel while turning. A way to stop this may be to turn right at a slower speed or make right hand turns that are not as sharp. If that does not work, visit a repair shop.

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Your 2000 Pontiac grand am makes a noise when making a sharp left hand turn?

It could be low on power steering fluid. That is a common problem. It makes a sharp whining noise when you turn the steering wheel.

What is variable ratio power steering?

This allows you to have some freedom in your steering. You can make some changes and even sharp turns if necessary.

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