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It depends on the vehicle, some will blink like that when the refrigerant level is low.

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Q: What causes ac lite and recirculating lite blinking?
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Why ac Burton light blinking on Toyota sienna?

It's telling you the revolution sensor is not matching the revolutions of the engine. The ECU takes over and cuts current to the AC when this happens and the ac light will start blinking. A turn the AC of then turn it back on and it's not blinking tells you the problem is going to lead to no AC if you don't get it fixed.

Why is the AC light blinking on 1991 Toyota Camry?

If an AC light is blinking on a 1991 Toyota Camry it may indicate that a belt is slipping. The AC light may also blink indicating that the system has been overcharged.

AC light blinking 1999 sienna?

what cause the ac light to blink on a 1999 Toyota sienna

Are there any AC systems for cars only with fresh air and not with recirculating air?

most have the option of using either fresh or recirculated air

Is air conditioning bad for your skin?

AC works by pulling in d moisture and air in the room and recirculating it again and again. With this attempt the AC also pulls d moisture from our skin and makes it dry. That is why continuous exposure to AC should b avoided.

What does a blinking ac light mean on a 1992 gmc sierra?

If its flickering its most likely a short

What does a blinking AC light mean on 98 Sienna?

If the AC light is blinking in the Toyota 98 Sienna, it means that something is internally wrong with your AC, it has stopped working, and it is recommended that you take it to the dealer to repair. This is not a very specific answer, but that is exactly what it says in the user manual. I find if I stop, turn off the car and AC for about 15 minutes, then restart, it will work again, until a week later and I have to repeat the process.

On a 2001 Pontiac Montana what would keep the AC from switching between fresh air intake and recirculating air?

Check vent switch to make sure it is not on windshield position

Why is your 1995 Pontiac Bonneville blowing hot air with AC on and ext temp is blinking?

low refrigerant charge?

Where is the ac damper in a 2003 dodge durango the one that separates outside air from ac cold air?

On the passengers side locate the a/c blower motor and then look up, you will seen the recirculating door and to the left of that you will see the actuator that controls the the inside and outside air.........

Your ac light is blinking in your 1992 Chevy pick-up what does it mean?

A blinking AC light on your 1992 Chevy pick-up typically means that your vehicle is low on refrigerant causing the compressor to cycle too often. There are also bulletins suggesting polishing your control head terminals, and ensuring that the controller is not being falsely disabled.

Is it harmful to a car's ac to use recirculating mode for long periods of time while driving?

No. However, it could be harmful to yourself or passengers because you are breathing the same stale air over and over. It is best to use the recirculating mode to initially cool the car and then switch to the outside air mode to keep fresh air comming into the car.

Does Max ac get bettre fuel economy?

Maximum A/C is just recirculating the air within the vehicle as opposed to bringing fresh air from the outside when it is set on normal. It will have no effect whatsoever on fuel mileage.

What causes a 2009 Chevy Cobalt to stall when turning on the AC?

The ac compressor pump may be seized.

What causes your 1999 explorers dashlites front interior lite ac-heat control lites sunroof all not to work Fuses are all good and dimmer switch has been replaced for dash and is turned up?

Throw the car away and that will fix all problems.

What causes smoke 2 come from your ac vents when ac is on?

It is probably steam coming from a leaky heater core.

How do you Fix ac light blinking?

The first step would be to determine WHY it's blinking. Kind of difficult to repair something when you haven't even diagnosed what the problem is. I'd recommend you take it to a dealer to have the computer hooked up so that fault codes on the ECM can be checked.

What causes compressor to lock out ina home ac?

what causes compressor lockout in voager rooftop unit.

What causes the AC drain on a Ford not to drain?

stopped up

What causes plugging in AC Dryer?

Moisture? Contaminated refrigerant?

Why is the AC light blinking on your 2002 Camry?

magnetic clutch switch is always the solution. bought mine from for an excellent discount. this should solve your problem.

What makes Oil pressure drops when ac goes on?

the ac slows the engine, the lower idle causes the lower oil pressure

AC reduce's car performance?

only when it is on, it causes slow acceleration

What causes my AC to make a skreeching sound?

loose or worn belt

What causes ac compressor to not disengage?

pressure switch located on the accumulator