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I would suspect leaking fuel injectors, or a bad ECU. There may be a computer problem or an injector is constantly grounded which causes it to stay open. There are two wires to each injector, one is a constant 12volts and the other one is switched off/on through a ground path by the computer, check which one is the 12V wire with a test light then check to see if the other wire is grounded to the body or engine, with the key off and the engine off there should be no continuity to ground, if there is, disconnect the connectors from the computer and see if the ground goes away, if so, the problem is in the ECU, if it's still grounded start checking the wire harness, the wire is shorted to ground someplace. You can also check injector signal with a special small test light that plugs into the connector(available at most auto parts store)then when cranking the engine the test light should flash, if not there are the above mentioned possibilities, good luck with this.

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Q: What causes fuel to get into the engine oil on a 95 Safari?
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What causes fuel in the engine oil?

Bad piston rings. Get new engine.

What causes a engine to burn rich?

too much fuel, excessive oil consumption

What causes low engine oil?

engine burning oil

Is coconut oil an straight vegetable engine fuel engine fuel?


What causes gas to get in engine oil on Honda rancher?

Float needle sticks in carb and allows excess fuel to seep past rings into oil.

What would cause engine oil to turn thick like a jello mold?

This can happen on a high compression engine (especially diesel) when the oil is not changed often enough. The fuel blow-by from the rings causes fuel to mix with the oil and "coke up" , creating oil that looks almost like asphalt.

What causes smoke to come out of engine?

blue smoke is oil. white smoke is water. black smoke is unburnt fuel

What causes blue smoke to come from your tailpipe?

the engine is burning oil. blue smoke oil white smoke antifreeze black smoke excess fuel

What causes a diesel engine to over rev and not shut off?

When engine oil leaks past the turbo seal it can collect in the innercooler. This collected oil then can be sucked into the engine and burns as fuel. This uncontrolled oil that has now being burnt as fuel causes uncontrolled revs of the engine resulting in over rev of the engine. Since the oil is not metered by the fuel system, turning the ignition key off has no effect on stopping the engine and the engine will continue to run uncontrolled until the oil source is consumed or the engine fails. The only way to try and stop this over rev on collected oil is to cut off the air to the engine. Cloth towels, shirts or any other cloth like material placed over or into the air intake to shut off all air to the engine can work.

How does fuel get into engine oil of a small engine?

leaking rings

Why does the fuel mix with the oil on your 250cc ATV?

If the fuel mixes with the oil it is because the engine is a 2 cycle engine rather than a 4 cycle engine. A 2 cycle engine has no oil reservoir and the engine is lubricated by the oil mixed with the gasoline. Without that oil in the fuel the engine would be destroyed. Now if you are saying that you have a 4 cycle engine and the fuel is getting into the oil reservoir, then I would suspect that the needle valve and seat are defective in the carburetor which is allowing fuel to flow into the intake while the engine is not running. This fuel will flow down into the combustion chamber and eventually end up in the oil pan. The float may also be sticking causing the same thing. Make sure to turn the fuel supply off when the engine is not running.

What causes exhaust smoke to come out but the engine takes time to start on komatsu excavator?

The injection system has a tiny air leak that causes the system to not work correctly until the air is purged from the injectors. Look for a tiny fuel leak near and injector or an increase in engine oil level that will show fuel contamination in the oil

Why is there gas smell in your oil?

This could be the residual effect of a flooded engine. when to much fuel gets injected into the engines cylinders the fuel does not atomize properly and causes the spark plugs to short to ground or not ignite the air fuel mix because there is to much fuel and not enough air. Afterwards the fuel leaks past the piston rings and into the oil causing the fuel to become thin and runny. This could cause engine failure. Changing the oil is recommended

What is the engine oil capacity of a 1994 GMC Safari 4.3 liter engine?

4.5 qts according to the manual

What causes white smoke in two stroke locomotive engines?

That is the engine running too lean (lack of fuel). This condition will lead to overheating and failure of the engine. i think it is because the lubricating oil in the cylinder is burned with the fuel.

What oil type should you use to stop a motor knocking?

Engine oil does not cause a engine knock. It is caused by pre-ignition, which can have many causes, including the wrong grade of fuel octane. Make sure that you are choosing the correct fuel for your vehicle. You may want to take the vehicle to a mechanic, as engine knocking can seriously damage your engine.

What causes oil in your lawn mower engine to have gas in it?

You either have a bad float or/and bad needle and seat, which is causing the carburetor to flood. The fuel then flows through the valves and piston and mixes with the oil. The diluted oil will not lubercate and you will sieze the engine.( Not good!)

What causes blue exhaust?

A vehicle that emits blue exhaust is experiencing an oil leak that has seeped past the engine seals and started to burn with the fuel. It indicates either a blown head gasket or an engine oil leak.

Can we put engine flush oil into fuel tank?

No, the flush oil is to clean the parts of the engine that are oiled. If you put it in the fuel tank it will block up tour fuel filters and your carburettors.

Heat engine utilizes low heat value of fuel or high heat value of fuel?

Heat engine utilizes low heat value of oil and also the fuel oil consumption for IC engine usually based on high heat value of oilby Shyam

Can number 4 fuel oil be used in a diesel engine?

No #4 diesel fuel oil is for oil burners and will not ignite in a diesel egine

How many quarts of oil in a GM Safari engine?

4 1/2 quarts with new oil filter 4 with old oil filter

Can a faulty mechanical fuel pump contaminate your engine oil?

A failed fuel pump can cause gasoline to get into the oil.A failed fuel pump can cause gasoline to get into the oil.

Where is the drain plug located on a 2005 gmc safari van?

Bottom of the engine on the oil pan.

What causes gas in the oil on a a 350 engine and how do you fix it?

Need MORE information. Engine YEAR would be a lot of help. You will need to ask your question again PLEASE. Thank you. Mr Van said: One time , not in band camp, the seal in my fuel pump failed and gasoline went in the oil. It was when the fuel pump was mounted on the engine.