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What causes the 3800 supercharged engine to clunk when starting a regal 1998?

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The first thing that comes to mind if the "clunk" is only on starting is worn or broken motor mounts. Something is moving and allowing things to hit each other. A clunking that is intermittent while running may be a ball or roller bearinng going bad.

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What causes your neck to go clunk on rotation?

You're a clunk-head...

I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu 3.1 engine what causes the transmission to clunk from park to drive or reverse when it warms up. I already replaced the trans but it still does the same?

could be bad mounts on either the tranny or engine?

What causes a 2001 Dodge Caravan front end clunk?

Sway bar bushings

What causes a clunk noise when turning?

You have either run something over or your car is due for a service

What causes a loud clunk in the front of your '96 Mazda when you are stopping?

Just out of curiousity, how is the transmission in this vehicle. Could the transmission be out of sync with the engine? This has happened to me when i had the transmission replaced in a dodge caravan, Good Luck

What is wrong when you hear a clunk upon starting your car?

It could be many things. Go get your car checked.

I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu with a 3.1 eng automatic trans.My question is What causes the trans to clunk when shifting from park into drive or reverse?

The rubber isolators in the engine mounts have worn out or the CV joints in the drive shafts are worn out.

What causes a sudden clunk when coming to a stop at about ten mph?

The Transmission needs SERVICED A.S.A.P Hope This Helps.

What is the clunk when you accelerate?

Year, make, model, engine size, etc. does help. Possible engine mount, u-joint differential,trany, etc...

What causes a clunk on left turns on your dodge shadow?

Worn CVC joint. Could be bad struts causing the spring to bind. Depends how severe the clunk is. If it is struts, it sounds like the floorboard is getting hit by a sledge hammer.

2004 Honda odyssey makes clunk noise when you take foot off gas?

check engine mounts

What are the symptons of blown engine in your car?

The engine would probably be seized up. The starter would only make one clunk each time you turn the key to start.

What causes 1987 Chrysler fifth avenue drivetrain clunk?

U-joints. Get a hammer and a punch. Replace both ends of the drive shaft.

Why would 99 jeep grand Cherokee start to clunk when putting it in drive and check engine light is on?

probably u-joints on driveshaft

Why chugging or clunk for a few seconds after turning off ignition 1989 Corolla Wagon?

The term for this is called "dieseling" ... nothing to do with a diesel engine, rather it's a timing issue with your cars engine.

What could be the problem in Honda Civic starting as you only hear hear a single hard clunk?

See if you can turn the crankshaft by hand. If you can turn the crankshaft 360 degrees you probably have a starter motor that's failed. If the engine won't turn completely, it's probably a thrown rod.

Why would an '88 Buick Regal with about 120K miles make a loud clunk when you press your foot on the gas pedal?

Have the engine and trans mounts checked.

What causes a clunk sound in the transmission when itd shifting?

It could be that the transmission fluid is low, or it could be that mechanical parts have worn down. If so, it may be time for a replacement.

What is an onomatopoeia for a bus accelerating?

Vrrrrrrroommm If the driver puts his foot down. Brrrr-clunk-rrrrr-clunk-rrrrrrrrr With added gear changes.

1999 Sonata v-6 autohas a clunk sound when you stop and go Could it be the engine mounts or rear tranny mount?

Or suspension component bushings.

What are Engine mount sounds?

Usually it sounds like a clunk. Put the car in drive, step on the brake pedal and hold it down while you slowly accelerate on the gas pedal. If the engine lifts to one side, your mount is broken.

When coasting at approx 5 mph and then accelerating your Chrysler Pacifica will clunk when the trans re-engages Is this normal?

I had the same problem. The dealer replaced the engine mounts at $550.

Why would a car make a somewhat loud 'clunk' noise when accelerating from a stop?

if the car is rear wheel drive, sounds like a u-joint. If it is front wheel drive, sounds like a cv joint. It could also be your engine mounts wearing out. If the rubber insulation has worn out then the engine will shift slightly against the mount and make a clunking noise. This happened on my 96 Nissan Quest minivan.

What causes a clunk in the transmission on a 2001 ford ranger?

It could posibly be a bad transmission mount or a universal joint on the drive shaft or even maybe loose torque converter bolts

What goes 99 clunk?

A centipede with a wooden leg