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If it is your body, you may have a kidney problem, or the beginnings of one. A high nitrogen level in the blood can cause the creatinine level to elevate. Creatinine is an anhydrate of creatine. Notice the difference in the spelling of the two.Creatine is an alkaloid or amino acid present in muscle tissue.Creatinine is excreted by the urine.A urine test along with a blood test determines if the kidneys are functioning properly. Anabolic steroid use will elevate creatinine levels, but many other drugs can do the same. If you are using any medications, legal or not, you may want to increase your intake of water. If unprescribed, you may want to discontinue use until your levels return to normal.

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Q: What causes the body to make to much creatine?
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How much creatine mg to take?

Too much creatine would create an excess of ATP in the body and i think due to the hyperactivity of major metabolic processes in the body it can cause a major loss of water(dehydration)

Is it true that your body will quit producing it's own form of Creatine if you take too much supplemental Creatine?

Yes This is precisely why they tell you to cycle creatine so your body won't lose too much of its own creatine producing abilities. Just stay within your limits and forget about that loading phase and you should be fine. Of course, you could always just choose to not take any creatine. It is not as crucial as you would think.

How much creatine is enough?

Depending on body weight, between 2 and 3 grams of creatine is enough for a daily regime. More than that is wasted and of no real value.

If you take to much creatine can you die?

Based on my research there is no conclusive evidence of creatine being linked to death. However, I have found one instance where someone taking NO Xplode, which contains Creatine Monohydrate, was hospitalized for a few days because his kidneys became 90% shut down while using the supplement. Creatine CAN be dangerous; the damage it causes on your kidneys and liver are irreversible.

How much creatine in cow's milk?

The amount of creatine in cows milk is about 0.05 grams per 1 pound. To much creatine can cause side effects such as kidney damage.

How much creatine does your body naturally produce?

2-3 grams is produced a day. It is produced in the liver, kidneys and pancreas.

How much creatine should a 14 year old take daily?

Creatine is a performance enhancing supplement and should have the same effect on a 14 year old as any adult. Your body stores phosphocreatine in its tissues which is used as part of your anaeorobic energy system. When your body works fast and hard (sprinting, explosive weightlifting) your body needs to access energy quickly. It converts the stored phosphocreatine without oxygen (that's why its anaerobic) into usable energy (ATP). Creatine supplements increase that reserve of creatine in your body, allowing you to extend the period of hard, fast, explosive work you can accomplish.

Is creatine harmful?

It is bad for you liver and kidney if taken in high doses, so make sure you read the package to see how much you can safely consume. Some people experience side effects such as diarrhea and muscle cramps.It can be more harmful if taken with other things that dehydrate you or damage your kidney. For example taking caffeine and creatine can be harmful because they both dehydrate you. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) recommends you talk to your health care provider before taking creatine.

Why do you get diarrhea when taking creatine?

Creatine is the most well researched body building supplement or sport supplement available. It has been around for a long time and has been proven to be relatively safe and effective, a very rare find in the supplement world. Creatine can help you to build muscle and get stronger much faster than you can on your own. However, creatine is not magic: you will still need to eat correctly (plenty of protein) and workout to see results. For information about the effectiveness, side effects, safety, and pretty much everything else on creatine, check out the guide in the links section.

How much creatine is in one steak?

There is approximatley 1 gram of creatine per 1 lb of red meat.

Does six star professional strength creatine work?

Creatine powder does, but not creatine pills. Creatine powder works really well because you mix it with water and that water goes into your bloodstream, forcing the creatine into your muscles, opening up your musles and all that water weight going in to it. On the other hand, creatine pills doesen't work that well at all because it's harder and much longer to digest, and it's more dense.The reason it's a little more expensive than creatine powder because it's harder to make.

Is creatine bad for people under 18?

not really it occurs naturaly in your body but if you take it for too long your body stops making as much of it which is dangerous. since you are 16 your testosterone levels are still going to be through the roof so your better off just taking whey powder and leaving the more dangerous supliments for when your body slows down and you start actually needing them to gain muscle mass