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What causes your car overheating when you put the AC on?

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AC Causes engine to overheat.Your AC causes your engine to work that much harder. Therefore, putting a strain on the engine, making it work harder and thus creates more heat. If you notice, when your AC is on you may feel a slight loss in power..


check radiator from top to bottom maybe a crack some where in their, well atleast that what happened to my civic

Answer 2I had a similar problem when i first got my 95 Honda civic. On hot days only though. I found that when the fan for the radiator had been replaced by the previous owner, it was wired backwards so the fan was spinning the wrong way. Instead of blowing air to the radiator it was going the opposite way. The A/C being on caused more strain on the engine which lead to the overheating.
2011-09-13 22:26:11
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Put AC ON car over heats?

put on ac in car and over heats

Can you get ac in a 1930 car?

You can put AC in most any vehicle with an aftermarket AC system.

What causes overheating when radiator and thermostats checked and OK and fan OK?

There are a number of things that could cause the overheating issue. If the overheating happens immediately, it's probably the water pump. If this happens only when it's hot, see if it happens only when the AC is on because then it could be the an auxiliary AC cooling fan that has gone bad.

If your headgasket is blown if turning on the ac will that keep the motor cool?

If the engine is overheating, running the ac will make it overheat faster. The ac only cools the inside of the car, it actually adds heat under the hood.

Your 2004 Grand Prix is overheated light on dash said to turn AC off Is the AC causing it to overheat?

Your AC should not cause your car to overheat. Your car probably has a different reason that it is overheating. However, your AC adds additional heat to the engine. Your car wants your AC off until you get the problem fixed. You would have a similar situation if you sprained your ankle while you carried your backpack. Someone would tell you to put down the backpack until you got your sprained ankle taken care of.

AC reduce's car performance?

only when it is on, it causes slow acceleration

Main breaker overheating when ac is on?

Problem with ac drawing to much current.

My Saturn SL coolant gauge shows car overheating when AC us turned on. If I leave the ac off can I still drive safely?

You can, but you still have a cooling problem that needs rectification.

Do you burn more gas running your ac in the car?

A little, the ac pump will put a draw on the engine more than without the ac on.

Can you put an ac in a 92 Geo Metro?

Yes you can put AC in a Metro but I don't recommend it. My Metro has AC but if you do put it in it will slow your car down horridly and it will cause your high MPG Metro to drop down to that of a normal car. So it's sort of a comfort vs practicality debate :)

Can AC water be put in a car?

Clean water should be used and mixed with the proper coolant for your car.

2000 voyager had new ac compressor put in now it keeps braking belts what causes this?

Make sure the AC isn't over-filled.

What can you do when your car is overheating?

I had a ford contour that overheated a lot. Took it to several mechanics and no one could find a reason to why it was overheating. Since I couldn't fix the problem, I just kicked on the AC when it started to run too warm and that kept it at normal running temp.

Your 1993 Toyota Camry keeps overheating when the AC is on what's wrong?

Is the secondary radiator fan coming on when the AC is turned on?

Why does a home ac compressor get hot and stop working?

It is overheating. Probable causes are blocked filters, working too long (excess duty cycle) ot the system needs regassing.

Why does my 1999 sts run hot when ac is on cools down after ac off?

I assume you are talking about the car`s temperature gauge. The reason you are seeing this is because the ac condenser is in front of the car`s radiator. So when the ac is operating the air entering the radiator is hotter causing the car`s coolant to run hotter. It actually overheats and a/c automatically shuts down. possible causes for the overheating? Can you drive it all day long without the ac? Or does it only overheat with ac on?Check to see that both the ac condenser and the radiator are clean and clear of any foreign matter, maybe you picked up a plastic bag or something like that impeding air flow. Does the fan operate properly? Does the heater blow hot air? If not the thermostat may be the culprit.

Can air conditioning be installed in a 97 del sol that doesn't originally have it If so what parts do you need?

yes an ac can be put into your car but you need every single thing you need for an ac for that car.

Why is your car ac blowing hot air?

There are three main possible causes to explain why a car air conditioner is blowing hot air. These causes are a worn out compressor, refrigerant leak, and an electrical problem.

What causes Altima stalls at idle with the ac running?

When the ac is running the idle should be raised to compensate for the extra load. If the idle isn't rising then the car will cut off.

Why when your temperature gauge stops working does my AC also stop working?

No ur AC should still work it may just be that your gauge is jammed and just needs to be loosened take it to the nearest garage as you dont want any overheating of the car or it will costs you $$$

Can a blown fuse cause your AC fan to not work and cause overheating to the engine?

Yes, because it will cause your fan to not work at all therefore cause the overheating.

When you put the car AC on you hear a rattling sound?

No i dont however i am getting a rattling from somewhere else

What causes a car to shake when going up hill?

The CV joint being loose is one of the main causes for a car shaking while it is going uphill. However, a faulty AC and faulty engine could also be the problem.

Will the ac compressor run with no freon on a 1996 Chevy cavalier?

no it has a safeguard to prevent overheating the compressor

What are possible causes for car ac to blow hot air with the pump engaged?

The chemical in the air conditioning unit needs replaced.