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What cc scooter can you drive on a learners license?


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if they want to they can

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Can you drive a 50 cc scooter in Texas without a drivers license

learners permit to use an motor or electric scooter

With a suspended license in IN will I be able to drive a 49 cc scooter in AZ?

no no matter what you need license to drive legally

Yes. You need a drivers license and insurance.

do i need a drivers lincene to drive a motor scooter 49 in California

149cc scooters need a motorcycle license in minnesota

how can i drive with provisional driving licence 49 cc scooter

Anything over 50cc requires a motorcycle license.

If your license is supsended or revoked for DUI, the answer is no.

Yes, someone needs a license to drive a 100 cc scooter or any other one over 50 cc in North Carolina. They also are required to carry insurance.

no you don't need license to ride 49 cc..

Can you drive a scooter 50 CC inPhiladelphia without licence and also without insurance. How would you get the scooter insured if youdon'thave a driver licence?thanks

According to the DMV booklet, no. If a scooter is under 100cc you do not need a licence.

No you do not. You need insurance. And registration only I believe.

if your D.L. is suspended can that person drive a skooter under 49 cc.

Not on the street. You can only ride it on your own private property. Good luck

you can get a drivers license at the age of 18 in India. however if you drive a vehicle of less than 50 cc capacity you can do so at the age of 16.

In any state you need a motorcycle licence to drive anything over 50cc on public roads.

yes if its not stolen then yes but only if there is a legal tag registration and insurance and not over 49cc

no. if you have a drivers license you can drive on the road. if you dont, you can take a short class and you can ride. 15 yr olds can also take the class and ride.

No, any vehicle that has a license plate and is allowed on the road you must have a license and carry insurance. Scooters are a example that needs to have a M1 motorcycle license to drive legally on the road. If the motor is over 90 cc its considered a motorcycle. In Wisconsin.

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