What city name is also the term used for Swiss states?

If I got the question right... Switzerland has 26 states. Or let's say 20 full-states and 3 half-states (with 2 parts each). And the states are called cantons. Some city names are also used for their state (as they are something like the capital of the corresponding states...) Cities:

Basel (or Basle), name of half-states - canton Basel city, canton Basel countryside Berne (capital), full-state - canton Berne

Zurich (biggest city), full-state - canton Zurich

Solothurn, full-state - canton Solothurn

Geneva, full-state - canton Geneva

Saint Gall (or better Sankt Gallen), full-state - canton Saint Gall

Lucerne, full and cofounder state - canton Lucerne

Neuchatel, full-state - was longterm ruled by Preussen (Germany), adhesion to Switzerland nearly provoked war.

That should be all... There's one left, but the name of the canton capital is Aarau, the canton is called Aargau, not to be confused.