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What colleges and universities accept American Sign Language for the foreign language requirement?

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2009-11-01 17:58:01
2009-11-01 17:58:01

Many Colleges and Universities accept American Sign Language as a Foreign Language, See the related links for lists.

how many credits do you have to get im high school.


Here is a link to a list by a professor at New Mexico University - sherman wilcox

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ASL is NOT accepted at all colleges and universities as a foreign language, only a select few. You need to contact that specific school and ask. I know George Mason University in Fairfax VA just started accepting ASL as a foreign language a few years ago. More schools are accepting ASL slowly.

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It would be better to list the schools that do accept ASL as a foreign language. Most do NOT, only recently has some schools started to accept ASL as a foreign language. George Mason University in Fairfax VA does.

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Yes. Most colleges have a 3 year foreign language requirement. Although some two year and technical schools do not require a foreign language.

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